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Coronavirus Essentials

Comparing Basic Essentials at Amazon and Walmart.

Check out pricing on things from toilet paper to batteries. And a few things you wouldn’t expect you’d need during a self-quarantine!


  • How often do you update this page?
    These pages are dynamic & will pull prices periodically throughout the week. If a product is unavailable, it's because it's currently out-of-stock. We will continually change the product list to reflect items most in demand.
  • Why are these considered the best prices?
    We benchmark prices against Amazon for common prices on goods available at both Walmart and Amazon so you can judge which is best after considering shipping costs and tax.
  • Can you compare prices against Target, etc?
    We will be adding additional merchants soon! You'll be able to price compare against several different stores at a glance.
Interactive Map Tracking Coronavirus cases worldwide
source: Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center