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Alyssa's Journey to Stem Cell and Healing

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About Alyssa's Journey to Stem Cell and Healing
Hello. My name is Linda Fridley and I am the best friend of Connie, Alyssa's mom. I have known Alyssa since the day she was born. She wasn't your typical child or teenager. She loved to sit and read and dream of one day visiting France and study abroad. She would also choose the profession of someday becoming a lawyer. All of her dreams came to a screeching halt at the age of 17 when she was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The prognosis wasn't good and if she lived, she would never walk again or be able to live her own, productive life. We, her family and friends and especially Alyssa didn't take this prognosis very well. You see, the doctors and naysayers didn't know our Alyssa like we do. Alyssa is and always has been strong, opinionated, determined and stubborn and this past summer of 2017 we saw the beginnings of her return to wellness. This gave us the hope and the courage we needed to continue researching new therapies and modalities that would benefit Alyssa and get her out of the wheelchair she's lived in for 24 years. Yes...24. She's now 41 and she's tired of complying with the future everyone else says is her destiny. We have spoken several times with Doctor Hughes in Basalt Colorado, about his unique approach to brain trauma RECOVERY. (Please view website). TBI Therapy combines regenerative therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), intranasal platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and intranasal stem cell (Alyssa's own stem cells will be used) therapy with supplemental nutritional modalities. The procedures and protocols used by the clinic are patent approved and at the forefront of neuro-regenerative medicine. Most treatments for chronically debilitated TBI patients have involved pharmaceutical drugs, occupational and physical rehabilitation, speech therapy and cognitive(thinking) maintenance. Many patients resign themselves to merely exist and gain very little improvement or begin a slow decline of cognitive or motor function. After talking with Dr Hughes and seeing the exciting (we think miraculous!) improvements we're seeing in Alyssa, we have made it our mission to give Alyssa this opportunity for wellness. It's a little scary for all of us but we're watching to see how God is working in her life and we know and feel the timing is right. FINALLY!! The protocol for the TBI Therapy costs a great deal as you can imagine. This is why we're looking for support to cover the cost of 10+days in Basalt Colorado ($8,475+) as well as an outpatient clinic in Wheat Ridge Colorado by the name of REVIVE Treatment Centers of America where Alyssa will receive individualized and personalized care and extensive therapies for a minimum of 30 days($1000 a day) plus the cost of the airfare for myself, Alyssa and her Mom, hotel in both locations, car rental, gas, food and incidentals. We are hoping to arrive in June. The total cost of treatment alone is approximately $47,000. This is outpatient treatment so we will be bringing Alyssa back with us to the hotel in the evening. This all sounds soooooo overwhelming but with your help we'll get her to Colorado and hopefully return without the wheelchair! This cause means so much to me personally not only because I've known Alyssa and her story for 24 years but also because I was the sister of Brenda who suffered from cerebral palsy. Because of her disability, I chose healthcare as my profession, worked for 35 years and recently retired. Brenda passed two years ago but my heart and my passion now focuses on the brain injured and their journey. My favorite line is....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Many of us care very much for all brain injured individuals, especially one whose name is Alyssa.
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Created January 04, 2018
Linda Fridley
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