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Bill Memorial Foundation

About Bill Memorial Foundation
The Bill Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization inspired by a wonderful Golden/Labrador named Bill who died of cancer in 1998. Jo Forman had found Bill foraging near a dumpster in Idlewyld while on a hiking trip in 1988. After repeated failed attempts at approaching him, she finally gave up and went back to her car – then thinking she would try one last time, she opened the back door of her car and called. Bill walked over and climbed into the back seat, and into her life. For ten years, Bill was Jo’s and her husband Peter’s close companion. They had never realized before what a blessing a dog’s love and companionship could be. He literally changed their lives, their relationship to each other, and to their community. In 1996, Bill was diagnosed with cancer, first with a hemocytoma that required a month of radiation therapy in Tucson. Then, after the first cancer had been completely cured, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, one of the deadliest cancers a dog can get. Bill was stoic through all of it - the loss of a leg, months of chemotherapy and recovery. Despite everything, he and the Formans walked together every day, even his last one - August 14, 1998. Having spent a small fortune on Bill’s treatments, and having been unable to save him, the Formans realized there were many healthy dogs who could be saved: the ones being euthanized due to pet overpopulation and the overcrowded conditions at the shelters. They felt that if the same kinds of resources were applied, many hundreds or even thousands of these hapless dogs could be saved and given wonderful happy homes. At about the time Bill was diagnosed with his first cancer, stray dogs just began showing up in the Formans’ lives – in their yard, on their street, abandoned in a neighbors back yard. They began trying to find homes for these animals on their own, and soon began to connect with other members of the dog rescue community. By 1997, they were working as volunteers for an organization called Dog Savers, and by 1998, when Bill died, they had decided to make dog rescue an integral part of their lives. Before leaving work to rescue dogs full time, Jo was the costume supervisor on the TV show Frasier. She has worked in the film industry for nearly 20 years, first as a commercial stylist, then as a costumer on feature films, and finally moving to TV. Peter is an entrepreneur, currently working as a consultant, and is an expert in Internet and computer-based video and the convergence of TV and computers. (See Scientific American article, Nov. 2000.) In May 2000 The Bill Memorial Foundation received its non-profit status. The foundation rescued its first dogs from the shelter July 3, 2000. Peter and Jo went to the shelter for the first time expecting to take 1 or 2 dogs and just do rescue over Jo’s summer hiatus from the show. A week later they had 6 dogs. They could not believe the beautiful, healthy, completely desirable dogs that were being euthanized due to over-crowding at the shelter. Jo realized that it would be impossible to work full time and care for the dogs and get the Bill Foundation off the ground. The job had to go. Since then the Foundation has taken more than 2300 dogs from the Los Angeles Shelter System and has placed them into loving, permanent homes.
324 S. Beverly Dr. Suite 521, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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