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Brazilian Day Street Festival Michigan 2017

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About Brazilian Day Street Festival Michigan 2017
The 1st annual Brazilian Independence Day aka "Brazilian Day" Celebration is going to be the first of its kind in Michigan history! Creative Movement Brazil will be providing a free family friendly festival filled with an amazing line up of live Brazilian entertainment, delicious foods and many other talents to come. The festival will feature Brazilian Samba, Batucada, Capoeira and kids activities. This is a family friendly community event for everyone to enjoy! Live performances, community workshops, Samba, Batucada, Capoeira and many other surprises. The Brazilian Day Street Festival Michigan will bring a connection of unity for everyone to talk about for years to come! So bring your family, friends, and neighbors, and have a good time! Date: September 16, 2017 Time: 12PM-7PM Location: MBAD African Bead Museum 6559 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48208 About Our Guest Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda Mestre Caboclinho Aruanda will be bringing the peace and spirit of Brazil to Detroit. Mestre (Master) Caboclinho Aruanda is the founder and director of Centro TABCAT. He is the guardian of Capoeira Angola from Salvador Bahia Brazil in the United States. As a native of Salvador Brazil, Master Caboclinho started Capoeira when he was just six years old with his father, Grand Master Jose Vicente Dantas, a student of Mestre Joao Bodeiro who founded Tribo Afro Bahiana de Capoeira Angola Tradicional(TABCAT) in 1957. As a young man Mestre Caboclinho earned his career playing Capoeira in the streets of Salvador Bahia Brazil in the Mercado Modelo and taught Capoeira in “Associacao de Moradores da Mangeuira” in Salvador Brazil. From that moment forward, Mestre Caboclinho was destined to bring the heart of Brazilian folkloric arts to be known and loved through his teachings to people worldwide. Master Caboclinho toured throughout Bahia and Brazil with Afro-Brazilian Samba Schools and Dance Troupes such as Ile Aiye, Viva Bahia, Bahia Magia and with the infamous Vermelho de Pastinha in the Arena Theater. Mestre’s talent was recognized by Brazilian film director Tisuka Yamazaki and he landed a role in Yamazaki’s 1980’s re-make of the legendary 1960’s film “Pagador de Promesa” which featured Mestre Traira. Mestre Caboclinho played Capoeira with a razor blade in his toes in this 1980’s film which gained recognition all over Brazil. Sponsors: MBAD Museum Creative Movement Brazil Tabcat Detroit Wyattway What is Capoeira? The ancient art form of Brazilian Capoeira developed over 500 years ago by African people in Brazil to celebrate life. It was a fundamental building block of Brazilian culture and united diverse communities residing in Brazil. The art is a mixture of indigenous, African and Portuguese influences. Capoeira today has changed dramatically from its origins 500 years ago. Today it is a folkloric expression of Brazilian people that has become a nationally recognized art. Capoeira combines dance, music, song, acrobatics and philosophy. The music tells stories of the present and the past and is an important part of creating the ambiance of the art. The art is played between two people inside a circle called the “roda”. Capoeira's philosophy teaches people key life skills such as confidence, self-discipline, fitness and self-respect. Across the United States and worldwide, Brazilian Capoeira is practiced by people of diverse communities. It is an art form that has gained as much popularity as soccer!
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