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Earth Rebirth

About Earth Rebirth
Earth Rebirth is committed to bringing awareness to these solutions, making them more accessible and implementing a planning a process for a resource-based, systems driven economy. Earth Rebirth's focuses are divided into short-term and long-term goals for growth. In the short-term, Earth Rebirth is determined to educating children, families and communities on sustainable living practices, environmental actions, technological breakthroughs and adequate paths for social evolution. Currently we are doing this through four main programs: Garden Your Own Growth, Taking H2Ownership, Homemade Sustainability, and the upcoming Rural Community Development. Garden Your Own Growth's mission is to help communities work together learning and practicing how to grow, maintain and harvest organic food for communal consumption using newly advanced urban farming techniques. Underutilized infrastructure in urban space has increasingly become more prevalent and is unacceptable in the midst of a suffering economy. In addition, the public has demonstrated significant demand for healthier lifestyles and accessible organic food. By providing a productive outlet for the individuals and families to gain an appreciation, understanding and knowledge of natural cycles and the quality of life provided from beneficial lifestyle decisions. Through this program community gardens would be established that offer advanced efficiency gardening techniques including fish farming, natural composting, vertical crops, wall gardens and more. Join the GYOG Volunteer Network: Taking H2Ownership's mission is to organize various groups of volunteers to clean, test, and appreciate bodies of water, particularly rivers and streams, around the country to better the quality and quantity of safe water for humans, plants and animals. Many bodies of water have been subject to controversy regarding newly found pollutants popping up in isolated regions of the country. As a result, there has been a push for further testing and research into bodies of water but there simply are not enough resources to cover the enormous number of water sources. Subsequently, volunteer groups will be organized to visit various water sources in an attempt to clean up trash, test pollutants, and seek to find solutions to solve any noticeable sustainability issues. By doing so we hope to educate volunteers on water issues, improve existing sources, and increase the research and field resources for the purpose of public scientific evaluation. Homemade Sustainability's mission is to influence the perception and initiative action individuals take to reduce their environmental footprint while showing the economic incentives behind green living through home consultation. Individuals have expressed their will to change, people are aware the world is under stress due to human action. The gap lies in the knowledge of how to act in everyday life and make sure one is living sustainably. Trained green consultants will assist homeowners in improving the energy efficiency of their home through energy audits and packaged green makeovers to reduce their overall impact on the environment and their wallet. Catalogs will offer a variety of green home upgrades that can be selected from to enhance one’s green lifestyle. Earth Rebirth's long-term goals target deeper research and investment into high potential ventures that incorporate environmental sustainability with economic rationality. Ventures include research and investment in alternative energy - solar, wind, biofuel, geothermal, hydro; as well as global communications, transportation, community infrastructure, and media production. To learn more, visit our website or check out our social networks and videos.
325 E Comanche St, Norman, OK 73072
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