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For The Love Of Rats Rescue

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About For The Love Of Rats Rescue
We're a South Louisiana rescue dedicated to taking in and re-homing small exotics. We're geared mainly towards pet rats, but we take in other exotic pets as well. We rescue pet rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, gerbils, prairie dogs, degus, sugar gliders and other exotics from abuse, neglect, hoarding, abandonment, strays and from individual/family homes that no longer want/can't keep them anymore. We provide them with vet care as needed, rehabilitation, socialization and top quality foods for their specific species. Our vet bill is 500.00 or more a month, our food/hay/bedding is 1,500.00 a month (not counting fresh veggies/fruits/grains and other foods). Anytime we receive donations they go directly back into the rescue's needs. Pet rats are a misunderstood animal and they deserve to be loved and respected in a loving family home. This is my reason for starting the rescue. I'm here to educate about this species and other exotics as well. I want the correct information for their proper care to be known when they are adopted. There is so much false information given by pet stores and online, so I want to make sure that is corrected so that these loving pets can receive the best/proper care possible. They will and can live longer, healthier and happier lives if they receive the proper care they need. They can't survive in the wild like so many think they can either. Education is imperative for their survival. Pet rats are a highly social, empathetic and intelligent animal and I fell in love with them a few years ago when my son wanted to adopt one from the store. I've always loved animals and have rehabilitated injured and sick animals even as a young teen. I too was under the same false perception that pet rats were evil and disease ridden animals. But as an animal lover, I wouldn't allow my son to leave the other pet rat by herself, so I got her instead. My whole view and life changed because of that decision. She taught me what a pet rat really was in the 5 yrs she was with me. She is my reason for my rescue. She passed away and it left a deep hole in my heart, but also a deep compassion to continue educating and rescuing these wonderful and special creatures.... pet rats. We are very dedicated to the animals in our rescue.
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Raised by 2 people in 589 days
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Created January 02, 2017
Annette Watts
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