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Help Ruth Go to A Specialty Clinic

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About Help Ruth Go to A Specialty Clinic
Danielle Walton on behalf of Ruth Easter CANTON, GA We're reaching out to ask for donations for our dear cousin Ruth Easter. A little background, Ruthie was born in India and adopted by our uncle. The woman who gave birth to her was a Muslim in her early 20s who decided to give her a better life. My aunt and uncle couldn't have biological children and always wanted to adopt. Ruthie is a devout Christian who has always tried to help others. She is currently staying in Hazelwood, Missouri with friends. She has struggled with so much pain and hardship in her life only to be stricken with a severe illness. Last year, Ruthie was diagnosed with POTS syndrome. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome meaning that everything your body does involuntarily, hers struggles to accomplish such as breathing, digesting, regulating temperature and blood pressure changes anytime she moves. In Ruthie's case, she constantly faints. She also has fatigue and sleep disturbances. While there is no cure, our cousin could greatly benefit from medical treatments and 24hr care. She is currently in the middle of a disability case with the state and needs immediate medical care and financial aid. She is now only getting about 30 hours of caregiver services a week. Donations will be used to send her to a specialty clinic. The doctors say this is her best option for recovery, but will cost about 10k out-of-pocket for treatment. It will greatly improve her quality of life. She also has significant medical debt and struggles with homelessness. Ruthie's lifelong love and childhood friend Joe has taken care of her the best he can, but it's not enough to provide for her treatment at a specialty clinic. She uses a wheelchair and protective helmet on a regular basis to get around. She can't drive a car or work to provide for herself. Her condition is very costly and we don't want anything bad to happen to her. The winter makes it worse as her body fights to function so we ask for donations ASAP. More than anything, we want Ruthie to know that she is loved. Anything would help! Prayers are also welcome!
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Raised by 1 person in 615 days
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Created December 10, 2016
Ruth Easter
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