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The Nehemiah Program

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About The Nehemiah Program
The recent recession devastated the real estate market, leaving millions facing foreclosure and even millions more homeless or near homeless for the first time ever. By one estimate, over 22,000 families lost their homes to foreclosures in just St. Louis alone. With the chill of winter on our heels, you, your group or business can go down in history as being a significant part of restoring safe, decent, and affordable housing for all. The Nehemiah Program has created one of the most innovate, cost effective, rapid re-housing solutions in the region. The two populations hardest hit by the housing epidemic and that we serve are Disabled Veterans and families with children. It saddens my heart that men and women who have fought for government, protected our safety and our freedom, are being provided disability support at a level that will ensure their homelessness for a lifetime. On average, veteran disability check is $900 to $950 a month. There is not a place in this country that anyone could acquire housing at that rate of income. Well, the Nehemiah Program, is a not-for-profit organization that has brought hundreds of local corporate, community, civic and faith-based leaders together who have pledged their time, talent, and resources and provided housing and housing assistance utilizing 155 foreclosed donated bank-owned homes impacting the lives of over 510 people that included families with children, disabled Veterans and more. HOW YOU CAN HELP! Wells Fargo Bank has just donated The Nehemiah Program another home just in time to help another family or veteran. This 3 bedroom home is in Spanish Lake and we need your help to raise $19,000 by December 31, 2016 so the home can be renovated and ready for the receiving veteran family before another unbearable winter. Together we can be a game changer for at least one more of the many homeless or near-homeless veteran families. Please consider being a part of the solution. A gift of any size will enable us to meet this 30 day challenge to have this home ready just in time for the brisk winter ahead. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly greatly appreciated by these families. For more information or to donate or volunteer, please feel free to call us at 314-521-3666 or visit our website at Please call us now and thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Vivian Dudley Executive Director
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Raised by 9 people in 706 days
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Created September 07, 2016
Vivian Dudley
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