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Human Trafficking Victims in Need

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About Human Trafficking Victims in Need
1440 is the number of minutes we have of freedom to live life as we please and choose every single day. 1440 is also the number of minutes victims of Human Trafficking are slaves every single day, all day and night long. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! We are much better than this barbaric disgusting behavior and it needs to be eliminated. I am running the Detroit Marathon with the Love Runs Charity. Each runner is aiming to raise $1440 to support victims of Human Trafficking. Michigan is #2 in the country for the highest rate of Human Trafficking. Lets put a stop to this immediately! None of the money donated will go to my personal race registration. All donations will go to the Love Runs Charity supporting the victims who desperately need our help. 75% of it goes to Michigan's local efforts. 25% of it goes to Global efforts. Every 30 seconds, Human Trafficking claims a new victim. Children of all ages and backgrounds, including some of the most affluent, are being hijacked into a living Hell of physical, sexual and emotional exploitation, and torture…all around us. Poverty and lack of basic necessities place so many in the Detroit area at risk for trafficking as well. Add to that a legion of children from broken homes, or those who are abused and neglected, and Michigan’s proximity to strategic borders and transportation routes, and it all adds up to a modern-day epidemic of slavery. **These funds are needed as soon as possible, victims are waiting for their life changing day of freedom to come.** Law enforcement is making a difference. They’ve located and identified hundreds of victims. They know their names but they just don’t have enough qualified places to put them. The psychological, physical, and spiritual damage to victims can take years to overcome. Money is time. Funds raised by Love Runs will shorten the time impacted children are at-risk, and victims can be rescued and restored. Every dollar WILL make a difference, but $100 will: - shelter a victim for a night; - provide 15 hygiene/safety/nutrition kits; - provide one year of: *Reading mentoring *Support life skills training *Medical and psychological treatment The cost of housing, medical, and psychological care will vary greatly depending on the location and condition of each victim. For every equation we don’t know, what we do know is that EVERY LIFE MATTERS and EVERY DOLLAR MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Whether it takes you 360 minutes to run a marathon, or just 3 minutes to make a donation, you can make a difference to end modern-day slavery. Be the change you wish to see in the world! I thank you in advance for your life changing donation. Jessica Smith
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Created August 07, 2017
Jessica Smith
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