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Jack E. Singley Academy Class of 2018

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About Jack E. Singley Academy Class of 2018
Singley Academy is located in Irving, Texas just outside of Dallas. We are a career based school where we have students choose an area of study that they might be interested in pursuing as they prepare for life after high school . This is a very special school not only because it is one of the top high schools in the nation but also because it brings in a set of the most diverse kids no other city can do. 75038 is one of the most diverse zip codes this country has which brings kids together from all types of economic backgrounds and creates a common goal, to go to college. Over the past several years Irving ISD had progressed positively and my class of 2018 has become one of the best classes I have ever witnessed. We have grown as a generation and have been there for each other through the hardships. I myself have experienced hardships throughout my four years in high school but I wouldn't be here today, writing to you if it weren't for my fellow classmates and teachers. Now, on behalf of the class of 2018 I would like to ask of you to please help out our class in any way shape or form. Anything is everything to us, we would appreciate even the smallest recognition by you to help raise money for our class. I thought this would be the most I could do to give back to some of the best human beings to exist on this earth right now. The money would be used towards events that bring our class together and ultimately towards our prom, while our school is definitely the best we have a major disadvantage compared to the other schools in Irving, we have no sports. This affects our fundraising majorly because events such as football games or basketball games bring in so many opportunities to fundraise at events that students would already be attending, this is also a setback because with sports comes pep rallies, spirit crews, cheerleaders and many other groups that are specifically intended to bring awareness and get people excited about coming to these events. So this is why we need your help! We want to make this year the best we possibly can and you can help us do this.
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Raised by 1 person in 340 days
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Created September 08, 2017
Hannah Nguyen
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