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We're a multifaceted Las Vegas Non-Profit organization that aims to help every local Get in the Game, Enjoy the Game & Stay in the Game! We are a 501c3 Tax-Exempt Organization! We Have Some Amazing Opportunities To Help Make A Difference in the Lives of Hundreds of Las Vegas Youth But We Cannot Do It Without Your Help! Your Support will be used to help: - Provide Registration and Equipment Assistance to youth from families suffering financial hardships - Provide Free Sports Physicals, Heart Screenings and Pre- Concsussion Testing - Provide Free Hands-Only CPR, AED Basics and Sports Safety Training to Student-Athletes ages 10 and up - Provide Low-Cost CPR, AED and First Aid Certification for Coaches, Team Moms and League Administrators Help us to spread the message of the Benefits of Youth Sports, Proper Youth Sports Development & Positive And Safe Sports (Only 62% of youth today participate in youth sports. Of those 70% will drop out by the time they reach age 13. Studies show the reasons for this drop is: Burnout, Injuries, Negative Experiences and More... It is recommended by the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition that children and adolescents spend at least 60 minutes of every day engaged in some type of aerobic and physical activity. Sports can play a key element in reaching this goal. Being active helps in the fight against obesity and plays a crucial role in decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, premature death and other ailments. In addition to those health and fitness goals, youth sports can also help to form a child's core life skills and values at an early age which can help to pave the way for their future and the future of our community. For Youth Sports to be effective and reach these goals children must be presented the opportunity to play and when the do play they must have a positive and safe experience! Our Goals: 1. Implement & Provide parents and children with the information on the benefits of organized sports and how to properly introduce them to sports and develop overall athletes. 2. Implement & Provide mandatory screening, training and certification of youth sports coaches. To include mandatory background checks every two years; training and certification in CPR, AED, Basic First Aid every two years; Instruction in coaching youth, mentoring youth and positive coaching; Training in the awareness of and the recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Reporting and non-biased reviews and discipline for coaches bad behavior. 3. Implement & Provide mandatory positive and safe sports (PASS) training to parents and their children. Training to include: CPR/AED training for parents and youth ages 10 and older; the awareness of and recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Positive Sports Parenting for parents; Positive Athlete tips for children. 4. Provide Leagues & Teams Access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED's). Through affordable and hassle free means. 5. Implement & Provide Mandatory Pre-Participation Physicals. To include: complete child and family medical history; Baseline ImPACT testing; ECG; and Limited Echocardiogram or MRI's of the heart. 6. Implement & Provide Access to Sports Related Activity and Mentoring for Underprivileged and At-Risk Youth. 7. Implement & Provide Incentives for Youth Sports Coaches & Athletes to be their best on and off the field through awards and recognition of accomplishments. 8. Provide a single source of information on local youth sports happenings to encourage easier access to sports registrations, tryouts and camps & clinics. And So Much More!
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