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About Mamush
A 501(c)(3) We help teens in an orphanage successfully reintegrate into society; we support poverty- stricken university-bound students in Addis Ababa. What happens with children in an orphanage don't get adopted? It's often not a good outcome. We are supporting and empowering children to change that. 1. Our Orphan Teen Transition Program moves teens ages 14-16 out of the orphanage and into a home-like setting with a foster mother who works with them 1:1 so they can successfully reintegrate into Ethiopian society at age 18. 2. Our University Sponsorship Program provides financial assistance for some of the brightest poverty stricken young adults who have beaten all odds and been admitted to university. These programs tackle root problems of issues faced by children leaving the orphanage and those from very difficult financial situations in the community. The children are highly involved and complicit in the success they achieve for themselves and their community, and they serve as mentors to others in similar situations. Goals are to: 1. Support children in a well-run but very underfunded orphanage in Addis Ababa.A little money goes a long way in providing supplies and increases staff to child ratio. Most of the babies and young children will be adopted by families in the U.S, Australia, and European countries. We aim to give them the best care and start in life! 2. Help transition unadopted older children back into Ethiopian society. Many of these children have spent years in the orphanage hoping to be adopted, but are aging out of the system and will have to leave the orphanage. Providing a program of education, training, and emotional support helps them become productive members of Ethiopian society. This is a highly underserved area in which you can make a big difference. 3. Identifying children 0-16 who are at-risk for being relinquished to an orphanage often because of parental death, parental illness, and/or financial inability to care for the child. While we work hard for children already in the orphanage we would love to see more children stay in their own culture, in their own circle of friends and family and not have to go to the orphanage in the first place. Children identified as only able to stay out of the orphanage with financial support will be available for sponsorship. They will stay in their current place of residence with those they know, in a culture they are part of. They will attend school, be well-fed, and receive medical care when necessary (all of which most of us take for granted every day). Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos. These children will be able to communicate with their sponsors via mail, and can be visited if the sponsor would like to make the trip.
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