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Parkinson Voice Project

About Parkinson Voice Project
I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease at the age of 49. My twin girls had just graduated from college and my 3rd daughter was due to graduate in 2 years. I had retired from teaching at Dallas County Community College and no longer accepted elementary school substitute jobs. Now I was a little overwhelmed by the prospect of my future with Parkinson's. While I was attending a Dallas Area Parkinsonisum Society, an old friend of my parents told me that I should go as soon as possible for an evaluation. I knew that my voice was quiet, but doubted I would qualify for therapy – I wasn’t that bad. I went to an orientation and learned so much about Parkinson’s itself – not just about the voice therapy. I hadn't known, for example, that losing your voice also means losing ability to swallow and that many people with PD die from lung aspiration caused by the inability to swallow properly. I had not realized until I heard Samantha Elandary’s presentation how very much I had already been changed by Parkinson’s – even though I had researched the disease both before and after I was diagnosed and have outstanding doctors. I was evaluated and, to my surprise, accepted as a good candidate for therapy and began the voice improvement program with PVP speech therapist. It was the best thing I could have possibly done! My voice didn’t just get stronger – I got stronger! My spirit lifted, I felt intensely motivated to fight to save my life from PD and I started to do EVERYTHING with intent – not just speaking. I started walking with intent and found that it slowed my tremor that always used to flare up when I walked. I joined PD exercise classes that I never would have been brave enough to try before and met amazing people and felt energized! Before I started voice therapy I only felt exhausted and demoralized. I sing louder at church and so enjoy being part of the participating congregation. I don’t have to repeat myself to my friends and family all of the time. In the car I belt out songs to CDs my daughters give me and feel alive and happy. Through the voice therapy, I am learning so much about myself and how the disease affects me as a whole and that it IS possible to make myself work around the obstacles it puts in my way. I am so grateful for the Parkinson Voice Project and the rest of the wonderful people that make it a reality. I feel continued association with the Voice Project will be key to keeping me strong and fighting and living WITH INTENT!!!
646 N Coit Rd #2250, Richardson, TX 75234
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