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Postpartum Society of Florida

About Postpartum Society of Florida
Postpartum Florida is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt, Not-for-Profit Organization. We offer Volunteer "New Mother Mentor" Training through our innovative SISTER Program, Scholarships for Provider Training through our HELPP Program, Effective Communication Coaching, and, most importantly, New Mother Support Services FREE OF CHARGE. PPSF is entirely volunteer-run. We fund our programs and initiatives through private donation and community grants. Thank you for visiting - Please check out our Perinatal Support Locator on our website at above and find out what support is available near you. According to the CDC at least 15% of new mothers experience difficult symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic, OCD, PTSD, or Psychosis. These symptoms can include a loss of joy, hopelessness, gripping fear, uncontrollable worry, insomnia, rage, and more. New Mothers and their families need the support and service of their communities to let them know... You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help and effort, you will be well Mothers are the foundation of our societies. They grow the babies, birth the babies, nurse the babies, walk the floors, diaper, burp, and give endless energy to the little ones in their lives, filling their families with security, attention, and love. Yet, who refills the Mother's heart? Who "mothers the mother?" At Postpartum Society of Florida, the emotional and mental wellbeing of mothers is our mission. We are a volunteer-run, mom-to-mom support organization funded entirely by donation . All our social support services are FREE to Florida mothers and families. Here are just a few of our top Programs:* - Postpartum & Toddler Mama Support Groups - Provider HELPP Scholarship Training Program - SISTERMom(R) Mentorship Volunteer Training Program - MiTunes: Mother-Infant Music - SISTERs in Waiting - Partners, Parents & Personality Type(R) *Please scroll down to read more about each of the above Programs. These programs are vital to the families of Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and other counties across the state of Florida. Every year our small but mighty clutch of 5-10 active volunteers engages in more than 2,000 personal contacts with Florida mothers and babies, between 100-200 guidance and training contacts with perinatal providers and social support volunteers, and countless online support and education contacts. These purposeful, personal interactions ensure that every Florida mother can feel connected to the support she needs to feel well, and that no mother or family feel isolated or alone. And again, all our social support services are FREE to all community families. In fact, our efforts have been so successful in enrolling qualified mental health professionals in our HELPP Scholarship Program this year, we are reaching out for donations so we may continue the vital work of our HELPP Program and others throughout 2016. As one of our Group mothers so wisely said one day, "A healthy baby without a healthy mother isn't going to be healthy very long." Truer words were never spoken. Social support, affection, and connection is VITAL to a new mother's health, and that is what Postpartum Florida volunteers give. Our training and targeted perinatal social support programs help refill another mother's heart's cup with encouragement, light, and hope. One at a time. Mother to mother. But we can't do it alone. Will you help us? We would be so grateful. Thank you. *Further information about Postpartum Florida's Programs: 1. Postpartum & Toddler Mama Support Groups We facilitate 2 Free Weekly Support Groups focusing on the mother's health and wellness in the Sarasota/Manatee area for about 25 attendees each, yielding approximately 1,200 face-to-face support connections per year. Program cost per year (out-of-pocket paid by volunteers) $1000-1200. 2. HELPP Provider Scholarship Program We have awarded full registration scholarship to 34 Mental Health Professionals in 17 Florida Counties to attend an accreditated Maternal Mental Health Webinar Training Program presented by Postpartum Support International ( and the 2020MomProject. In order to build a powerful, reliable network of clincians specially trained to understand, recognize, and treat Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders appropriately. Our goal is one trained provider in each of the 67 Florida Counties by 2020. We are 25% of the way to our goal in only 18 months. With your support, we know we can ensure that every Florida mother can get the face to face professional help she needs in her own community. Program cost per year: $4000-6000 3. The SISTERMom Mentorship Program The SISTER Program stands for "Self-Image Support Team and Emotional Resource," and this year, in 2016, I am developing and piloting the SISTERMom Program to be an elite team of volunteers trained to mentor and encourage new mothers one-to-one through their perinatal adjustment. At Postpartum Florida we know there are many components to Maternal Health and Wellness, and social support and connectedness is essential to every new mother's emotional wellbeing, and we know how passionately our "Group Graduates" feel about giving back to the mothers of their communities. Thus, I created the SISTER Program to ensure that our volunteers would have comprehensive training in the delicate, yet powerful, realm of New Mother Mentorship, while our New Mother Mentees would have committed, stable, empowering one-to-one social support from a fellow mother in her own community. Program cost per year: $1000 4. MiTunes: Mother-Infant Music MiTunes is a 17 track album of traditional children's tunes tweaked with wellness messages for new mothers, plus a couple original songs offering encouragement and connection for perinatal women in distress. Postpartum Florida developed, produced, and created the MiTunes album (available on Amazon at and supplies copies to all Sarasota-Manatee County area birthing homes and hosptials for free. Mothers, fathers, providers, and babies alike love this program. Further, we would like to produce a new album called MiTunes: Mama & Toddler Music in 2016 with funds from this Campaign. All purchase proceeds are donated to Postpartum Florida. Program cost per year: $3000. 5. SISTERs in Waiting Education is a key element of understanding and recovering from any challenging situation or illness. Postpartum Florida knows how powerful accurate information is for perinatal women, families, and their providers, thus we have established a program in which we supply Ob/Gyn and Pediatrician offices and waiting rooms with vetted, well-respected reading material such as Beyond the Blues, This Isn't What I Expected, and more. Addtionally, our Mom-to-Mom handbook, From Bump to Grind, is gifted to every new mother that attends a Support Group. Program cost per year: $1500 6. PEaCE Conversation Coaching Arguments, spats, and middle-of-the-night exhausted fights with one's partner can be one of the most stressful parts of being a new parent. The more exhausted we are, the harder it is to say what we mean, show that we care, and keep taking care of our marriage/relationship. PEaCE stands for "Parents Educated to Communicate Effectively" and is a service in which new parents/caregivers - whether single, married, cohabitating, or co-parenting - engage in up to 6 Personality Type and Life Coaching Sessions with a Certified Personality Type Instructor. By learning each partner's style of communication, energy, focus, feedback, and control, both partners become more confident and able to learn "Direct Communication" and become more effective, thoughtful, and confident in showing support for each other, improving everyone's overall health and wellness. The PEaCE Program is two-thirds funded by participants, yet we rely on donations to fill our funding gap. $500
1958 Prospect St., Sarasota, FL 34231
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