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Sprout House Learning Center Scholarships

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About Sprout House Learning Center Scholarships
At Sprout House Learning Center, we take a child's work very seriously; we provide a secure environment for children to develop age-appropriate skills through exploration and play. Teaching a child to love learning in their early years of life help build a strong foundation for future school success. Sprout House Learning Center provides daycare services year round, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and are currently accepting enrollments for children ages 2 weeks to 12 years old. Each classroom houses appropriate age groups so that children can blossom at their proper pace. Our certified and degreed teachers create weekly themed lesson plans to challenge and excite young minds, as well as provide ample playtime in the security of our large, enclosed play yard. We are committed to helping children learn and grow through free play, structured activities, and off-site adventures. As a resident of Lindsborg, Kansas with experience and passion for early learning and child care, owner Christy Mai and her Board of Directors are excited about the opportunities to continue and increase child care services to the community. Providing a positive and safe learning environment is the number one priority to ensure accountability, Sprout House Learning Center is a KDHE licensed daycare and is always accepting applications and searching provide scholarship opportunities for families that qualify. The Sprout House Learning Center is a nonprofit entity dedicated to proving a safe learning environment where children are able to build a strong foundation to become future successful learners. The year-round care, structured curriculum and preschool services include art and music for children 2 weeks old to 12 years old. The success of the Sprout House Learning Center depends on the generosity of donors to support the mission. We have received a challenge grant for $125,000 from an anonymous donor and are tasked with matching the grant. Our goal is to have the match completed by 10/31/2017! Please help provide our children in the Lindsborg community the opportunity to spend time in a high quality child care environment and have lasting benefits from the experience. Research indicates children enrolled in quality daycare have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and as they grow older they can expect to progress further and have higher earnings as adults. A safe and accessible daycare is needed in our community, most children continue to be denied quality care and many children spend their formative years in settings that are unsafe or only custodial. Parents are being lured into accepting listings of caregivers from various groups without the support and information they need to properly access a provider or facility. Still others simply choose the first caregiver or facility based on availability, price and convenience. Expanding access and options for parents to access quality early childhood programs have proven benefits for individuals and society in reduced healthcare costs, increased school achievement and a more educated workforce . With your support, we can continue to house 60 children and employ 17 certified and/or college educated instructors.
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Raised by 3 people in 561 days
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Created February 02, 2017
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