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Giving to charity is great and all, but sometimes you just need a little cash yourself. That’s why Goodshop is now offering a brand new cash back program. We listened to your feedback and we want to help you save money. But, we also want to let you help out when you want to, so you can still donate. So far, we’ve given more than $13 million to charities and we don’t plan on stopping. It’s up to you to decide where those dollars go, so you can choose whether to pad your wallet or give to your favorite cause. We'll support you either way!
Receiving Cashback Payments
To qualify for a payment, you must enter your name and valid mailing address, and your Cashback balance must be greater than $5.00.

Cashback earned will be in pending status for a certain period of time (to ensure that any returns are accounted for and validity is checked). Once unlocked, a transaction will move from “pending” to “available”
Cashback Payout
Please enter your PayPal email to be eligible to receive cashback
Mailing Address  (Change)
Your PayPal account must be verified to receive payment!