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Help kids and teens all over the Philippines learn values to guide them through life. Support  Better World’s values education projects. Better World co-founder Rowena Raganit shares, “Our family didn’t have a lot of money. My father used to say, I have no riches to leave you. I can only pass on to you the lessons and values I have learned. As I grew older, I found that those values meant more than any riches ever could. They were my guiding light through life, shaping the person I would become and helping me through difficult times, even when we lost our house to a fire, and even through my father’s own death when I was 15. As an adult, I saw so many children, so many teens, and even young adults who didn’t have that kind of light to guide them through life. And I wanted to do something to help them.”   This is the mission of Better World, creating innovative and effective teaching programs and resources to help teach kids and teens the values they need to guide them through life, values such as honesty, compassion, gratitude, perseverance, and faith. Our programs are specially geared toward those who are marginalized; those who are poor, those with special needs. - Through our Kuwentong Dinig (Stories to Listen To) books, we reach out to blind children through stories that give them a sense of empowerment and self-worth. - Through our Ang True sa True Love (The Truth about True Love) chastity program, we reach out to disadvantaged teens to help them re-discover their dignity and understand God’s gift of love, sex and marriage. - Through our Sinag (Ray of Light) values videos and Birtud (Virtue) values classes, we reach out to public school students and out of school youth, teaching them basic values and inspiring them to live these virtues in their everyday lives.   Through these and our other projects, we plant the seeds that are helping kids and teens do better in school, improve their family lives, and find direction and hope for a better future, a better life. " I leaned from the story Juan to not pay attention to the kids who tease me." - grade 4 special needs student, KUWENTONG DINIG beneficiary " The Kuwentong Dinig books encourage the children to express their inner feelings, emotions and ideas. They can relate to the stories being told." - special education teacher "To always pray, to be grateful, to be responsible, to stand up for what is right… I’m able to practice the values I learned, especially with my family." - student Birtud values class "What I learned is – we are worth waiting for because we are created by God, we are created by Love." - participant Ang True sa True Love chastity talk "I learned that if you love someone, you should respect them." -  participant Ang True sa True Love Chastity Talk    WE NEED YOU. There are so many more kids and teens who need these programs. Your donations are urgently needed for us to continue our work. With every dollar or peso you donate, you  make a difference in someone’s life Please be a part of Better World’s mission and help give that guiding light to Filipino youth.
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