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We love hearing from you! If you have a question, you may be able to get your answer more quickly by checking out our FAQ page.

Below are some highlights from our FAQ:

Where’s my shopping donation?

Depending on the partner retailer, there can be up to a four-week delay before the shopping purchases appear on your account (though it's usually much shorter than that). Once the donation has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation email. You can read more about the timing in our FAQ here.

Please note that for many of our travel partners, the donation is not credited until a few weeks after the travel is completed.

If it's been over four weeks since you've made your purchase or completed your travel, please fill out our Missing Donation Form so we can look into the purchase in more detail! Please make sure you are logged in when you fill it out.

Question not answered?

If you'd like to send us an email, certain information will allow us to help you more quickly. If applicable, please include the following information in your email to:

Now that you're all set, please send your inquiry to [email protected].
Thank you for using Goodshop to support your cause!