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Job Title: IT Project Manager


GoodSearch, LLC in Beverly Hills, CA is seeking an IT Project Manager to coordinate and guide software development projects for the company’s products such as coupon provider, search engine, cash back and charity donation system, and data warehouse.

Job responsibilities and duties include:

  • Manage software development projects at each stage to ensure technical team meets deadlines and budget.
  • Coordinate activities of software development team according to project requirements.
  • Define project scope, goals, and deliverables.
  • Communicate project expectations to technical team.
  • Track milestones and monitor progress to prepare status reports.
  • Review back-end and front-end features to identify and resolve issues.
  • Work closely with project personnel and cross-functional teams.
  • Work closely with development team to maintain technical improvements in data warehouse, coding, etc.
  • Understand time complexity and technical challenges faced by engineers and adjust expectations accordingly.
  • Evaluate and discuss proposed technical solutions in iteration planning meetings.
  • Review code, specifications and tests submitted by developers and make constructive comments.

Minimum requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related IT or engineering field of study, plus at least 5 years of post-degree, progressively responsible experience in any related position(s).

Qualified applicants must also have demonstrable skill, knowledge, experience, and proficiency in the following:

  1. Software development lifecycle;
  2. Ruby on Rails and Node JS;
  3. ETL, Data Warehouse, and Data Visualization tools;
  4. Postgres, Nginx, Redis, Docker, ES6, and Coffeescript;
  5. Atlassian Suite with a focus on JIRA; and
  6. Github.

No travel. Work from home benefit available.

Please send us your information at [email protected] and we'll keep your info on file.