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We can’t stress enough the importance of having good headphones. What’s worse than sitting on the train and missing the announcement of your stop because you had to turn your headphones up so loud to be able to hear your podcast clearly enough? Or missing part of the movie you’re watching on the plane because you can still hear the couple next to you bickering about their upcoming vacation plans? Or when you really just want to fill your head with your favorite music but your headphones make it sound like the band’s playing underwater? These are just a few examples, but needless to say, there are more. If you relate, but don’t want to pay full price for good-quality headphones, Goodshop Headphones coupons and discount codes are for you.

You’ll find discounts on a full range of headphones and audio products with Goodshop Headphones coupons, so you can get the best headphones at the best prices. Runners and fitness buffs can shop for headphones made specifically to keep the tunes pumping while sweat is dripping. Musicians and producers can shop for studio-quality headphones that will deliver high-fidelity sound on the full range of frequencies. Music lovers on the move can find Bluetooth headphones to streamline their listening experience, and frequent flyers will find noise-cancelling headphones to protect that in-air beauty sleep, no matter what howling baby is in the next row over.

Some examples of past coupons include 10% orders at Urbanears, 20% off Beats by Dr Dre products, 30% off at AfterShokz, and up to 50% off headphones and earbuds from Skullcandy. There’s been free shipping at JLab Audio, 50% off screen cleaners at Monster Products, $25 off headphones at Outdoor Tech, and up to 40% off Audiophile headphones from Sennheiser.

You heard us correctly, the deals are just that good!