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According to some reports, American watch as much as 5 hours of television per day. That’s almost 35 hours a week! That’s over 75 days a year! For something we spend so much of our lives doing, it makes sense that we would want the best at the best prices, right? At Goodshop, we think so. If you think so, too, then Goodshop Television coupons and discount codes are the thing for you.

Goodshop Television discount codes and coupons can help you save on everything TV-related, from actual sets and providers, to fun stuff like branded merchandise from your favorite TV channels. Basic cable, premium cable, satellite, and now online streaming services are all featured on Goodshop Television coupon lists, with great discounts on subscriptions, memberships, and single purchases like movie rentals and season collections of your favorite TV shows.

There are endless ways to save on television services with Goodshop Television coupons and discount codes. Shoppers have already scored deals like 25% off antennas at Antennas Direct, $300 off when you sign up for Dish, or 26% off TVs from Vizio. Save money while you save your favorite shows on TiVo, with 20% off select items. Get a great deals on gifts for cartoon lovers with coupons like $5 an order of $50 or more from Cartoon Network Shop, or for the educators and Masterpiece Theater Fanatics in your life with 40% off clearance at PBS. Baseball fans will love 35% off for students and military members on premium plans from MLB TV, and soccer fans will get a kick out of saving 10% on subscriptions to Univision! Get it? Kick? We thought it was clever. Not as clever as saving tons of money on your TV purchases with Goodshop Television coupons, but pretty close.