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There’s a certain wisdom to the old schoolyard comeback to the question, What time is it? “Time for you to get a watch!” It might’ve been annoying when Dillon Mathison said literally nothing else whenever you asked what time it was during recess in grade school, but you know what? If we’re being honest, Dillon had a point. Ah, out of the mouths of babes!

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A high-quality watch completes any outfit, and they make great gifts. Try a sleek, minimalist chrome style for tech professional, or modern design from the Danish watchmaker Skagen for the artist or architect. Durable waterproof styles might be the go-to choice for the outdoorsman in your life, or a great discount on a designer fashion watch might be the perfect way to show someone that they’re worthy of your…time! (Get it? Like, it’s a watch, so it’s your time? Just a little clock pun. We thought it was funny. Maybe it’s best we leave the watch jokes to Dillon from grade school after all).