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Airfarewatchdog Shopping Tips

  1. Quick and easy search function means you can filter out any information you don’t need, and home in on the ideal discounted airfare for you

  2. Coupons and daily discounts mean that you can always save extra on already-discounted prices

  3. Online deals and online prices mean you can easily search for budget airfare, no matter where you are in the world

  4. Enjoy all the same airfare facilities you would expect for your trip, only at a lower price

  5. Use your extra savings to spend on your trip instead of on your airfare!

  6. Find the best prices for your favorite destinations, any time

More FAQs for Airfarewatchdog

How do I use coupon codes?

Visit the Airefarewatchdog page at to find the latest coupons, deals and discounts. Some may have no expiration, ready to be used any time, or others may only be available for a certain period. Choose the best deal for you from a variety of discounts, including 20% cashback.

How will I know when the latest deals become available?

You’re welcome to check the website at any time to stay on top of the latest deals. However, Airefarewatchdog can also provide instant alerts to inform you of the moment a new deal becomes available. The company will always send you alerts in time enough for you to check out the deal well before it sells out.

How do I set up price alerts?

You can set up and tailor your own price alerts by signing up for an account with Airefarewatchdog and logging in to activate your alerts. Input the required details and price range, and you’ll then receive an alert which you can easily access from your account, whenever a relevant deal becomes available.

What about short trips?

Airefarewatchdog deals are available no matter the duration of the trip. Whether it’s one day, one week or one month, the company will always find the best-discounted price on airfare for your particular needs.

How does Airfarewatchdog find the best prices?

The company’s team are constantly on the lookout for the best prices, tracking routes daily throughout the day. Their team of experts will research the most popular routes and airports to find the best opportunities on airfare, as well as combining the best price with a preferred length of travel (such as minimizing stopovers or flight time). This information is then relayed in real-time to Airfarewatchdog members and customers.

Do I book through Airfarewatchdog?

No, the company only provides the best price deal on airfare available. Airfarewatchdog will provide all the information you need to make your booking at that price, including the airline and dates for your booking, so that you can easily make the booking yourself.

I don’t want to receive emails or alerts from Airefarewatchdog all the time. Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, that isn’t a problem! Under the Alerts section of your account, you have the option to deactivate any communication you don’t want, so you can easily unsubscribe from emails or alerts here.

Remember: to receive alerts on the latest great airfare deals; you will need to be subscribed for your alerts, so make sure you don’t mute necessary functions if you’re looking for the best airfare prices.

I received a fare, but I can’t find it to book. Why?

Airefarewatchdog operates in real-time, which means you often have to be very quick when bagging the best and latest deals. If you can’t find a particular fare you have been alerted about, it may be that it has since changed or no longer available (as all fares are subject to change at all times).

To ensure your best chance at finding your fare, be sure to check deals and alerts often, and act on them straight away to avoid missing out.

How can I contact Airefarewatchdog?

The customer service team is available via email, shown through their customer service contact page. You can email the team with any enquiries, or if you need any further information regarding discount codes.

You can also contact the company through their Facebook page, details of which are also shown on the customer service link.

How to Shop at Airfarewatchdog

Earn 20% Cashback at Airefarewatchdog

Discover the best budget airfare, no matter where you’re traveling in the world. With Airefarewatchdog, you’ll always find the best available price for you.

Visit the Airefarewatchdog page at to find the best discount codes and deals for that day. You can filter our requirements using the search button to find the best deal for your needs on low-priced, budget airfare. There are savings to be made with Airefarewatchdog every single day, alongside great discount codes to be used.