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Covid-19 Update

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a substantial impact on the live event industry, creating substantial suspensions, postponements, and cancellations to events across sports, music, theater and more. Given the degree of impact and the level of uncertainty on the current and future status of events, StubHub is making changes to our standard Terms and Conditions to protect the business of StubHub and that of our valued partners. Moving forward StubHub will be offering a 120% credit to our customers if their ticketed event is canceled. As a reminder, StubHub will process commission payments after the event has taken place. We appreciate your understanding and continue to deeply value your partnership.


Where can I find info on canceled and postponed events?

Find more info about event status here.

What is the difference between a canceled and a postponed/rescheduled event?

When events are officially postponed or rescheduled, they still happen but on a different day than originally planned.

If the event is postponed to a future, undetermined date, we will email you as soon as the details are announced.

A canceled event is not rescheduled and doesn’t happen.