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10 Mother’s Day Activities That Don’t Involve Brunch

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might have brunch and flowers on the brain. As gifts go, many moms are just happy you remembered. This year, surprise her with a new twist. Consider options outside the breakfast-in-bed box. Appeal to her smart, savvy side, and let her know how much her unique personality means to you.

Here are a few nontraditional Mother’s Day activities to break the brunch mold.

1. Volunteer

At Goodshop, we’re all about giving back. There’s no better way to say thanks than by helping those who need an extra hand. Spend the morning at a beach cleanup or socializing kittens at the local shelter. You could lend a hand at a women’s home, or gather clothes and household items for donation.

2. Work Out + Wine Tasting

Start the day with a walk, hike, bike, or swim. Get sweaty at SoulCycle or lean and mean at barre. The important part of this shared activity is sweat! Once you’re done glistening, shower up and spend the afternoon wine tasting. If you live in an area with abundant vineyards, take a tour. If not, buy a few bottles of different varietals and set up in your kitchen with a platter of cheese and chocolate.

3. Plant Something

Even apartment-dwelling moms can enjoy fresh plant life! If you’re stuck for space or good lighting, consider building a succulent garden. Advanced DIYers can go for the full-on succulent wall. If you have a yard, build a raised vegetable box or add some shade-happy flowers around tree bases. Home Depot is a great resource, not only for buying plants and flowers, but also for picking up some helpful gardening tips!

4. Build a Website

Maybe you have tech wizardry and your creative mom wants a digital portfolio. Or perhaps she’s the tech wiz and you’re looking to start an online business. Put your heads together, brainstorm a killer domain name, and get the website party started.

blog-post-mothers-day-launch-store-01a5. Launch an Online Store

If a website is more than you need or want, Etsy and eBay might be right up your alley. If you have something to sell, you can set up a store in an afternoon. As a team, you’ll take perfect pictures, craft inspired descriptions, and start to make your mark in the world of online selling.

6. Have a Picnic

For those who’d rather unplug, pack a basket (or backpack) and hit a grassy knoll. Bring gourmet sandwiches, sparkling drinks, good cheese, and easy fruit like grapes and strawberries. Add a blanket, real plates and silverware, and cloth napkins.  Williams Sonoma and Cost Plus World Market have some great picnic baskets and supplies, as well as gourmet food. For an extra-luxe touch, include pillows to lie on while you find shapes in the clouds.

7. Make a Book

No need to write a novel, although that would be impressive. Instead, make a scrapbook of your shared story. Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts and Michael’s both have great deals on scrapbooking supplies and unique, crafty finds. Include photos, quotes, and mementos like ticket stubs. Decorate it in a way that screams “you,” and you’ll have a book that will always be a bestseller — in your hearts.

8. Make Music Together

If you have even the smallest amount of musical skill, get strumming. Playing together can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend time. Don’t have any instruments? Improvise with vocals and make any object your drum.

9. Listen to an Audiobook

This one’s for the bookworms. Ever notice how hard it is to talk about a book with someone who hasn’t finished it yet? Get on the same page by starting in the same place. Put in an audiobook for a long drive while you listen, share over Skype, or laze around on the couch and let the story transport you both.

10. Take an Online Course Together

Learning together never gets old. Stay young by taking an online course in something you’d like to learn or improve. Try Lynda.com and Udemy for business and tech, or The Great Courses for history, fine arts, and more. Take an online marketing class, or learn how to use Photoshop. Experiment with online cooking lessons, or learn how to meditate. The world is yours, and it’s even better when you explore it together.

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