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8 Products to Get Your Child Excited About School

Is your child feeling a little unmotivated for the new school year ahead? Or perhaps they are worried about starting a new school?

Either way, you can help to build some much-needed excitement and anticipation with the below 8 products that guarantee to impress even the most reluctant school-goer.

From personalized stationery to super stylish lunchboxes, read on to discover everything you need to get your child excited about going back to school this fall.

Worried about whether your budget will stretch to all the back-to-school essentials?

Don’t be! We’ve got you covered with our amazing coupons and promotional codes that promise to save you hundreds of dollars!

Plus, don’t miss our free shipping codes, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to put a smile on your child’s face ahead of their first day back!

Bento Lunchbox – Office Depot

If you have a fussy eater or a child who never eats their school lunch, then this Bento-style lunchbox from Office Depot is just what they need.

This BPA-free lunchbox is stylish and practical, featuring four spacious compartments. Giving your child a healthy and nutritious lunch for less has never been easier!

Plus, it boasts a dishwasher-safe tray so you can clean the inside with ease after every school day.

Buy It Now: Bento Style Lunchbox, $29.99

School Supplies – Shein

While you may associate Shein more with clothes than school supplies, this affordable online retailer offers some great bargains on many back-to-school essentials such as stationery sets, organizers, and so much more.

We love this super cute stationery storage box. Boasting a pretty pale pink design and plenty of space to fit all their pens, pencils, and other stationery supplies, this stylish storage box is an absolute bargain and promises to last way beyond their first semester.

Need some stationery supplies to go in it? Shein have got you covered with their impressive collection of stationery items, including this color stapler and this compass and eraser set – both of which are unbelievably cheap!

Buy It Now: Stationery Storage Box, $7, Color Stapler, $2.50, Compass and Eraser Set, $2,50

Cameron Wall System – Pottery Barn Kids

If you struggle to get your child excited about learning, then this build-your-own study area is just what you need. Completely customizable and with the option to purchase as many storage containers as your child needs, the Cameron Wall is the ultimate system for studying and organization.

Expertly crafted and made to last, this is one back-to-school investment that is guaranteed to go the distance and provide years of stress-free and enjoyable study time.

Buy It Now: Cameron Wall System, price varies

Custom Vinyl Stickers – Sticker You

Make school supplies fun with these custom vinyl stickers from Sticker You. With so many designs to choose from, your child can decorate their binders, folders, locker, and so much more.

With the option to order as few as 20 customized stickers or up to 1000 if you feel like going sticker crazy, all Sticker You stickers are waterproof, durable, and designed to last.

Sign up for the Sticker You email subscription service to receive 15% off your first order. Plus, don’t forget to apply one of our coupon codes at the checkout for even greater savings and cashback every time you shop.

Buy It Now: Custom Vinyl Stickers, $11.99-$20

Personalized Pencil Case – Bright Star Kids

Who doesn’t love a bit of personalized stationery? Let your child create their own personalized pencil case with Bright Star Kids, and they are guaranteed to be the envy of all their friends, setting trends in the classroom.  

Choose from a wide range of colorful designs, add your child’s name, and customize the font. Plus, if your child is prone to getting their new things grubby, you will be pleased to hear that this pencil case is machine washable.

Buy It Now: Personalized Pencil Case, $14.95

An After-School Treat – AMF Bowling

If your child needs a little incentive to get them through the doors on their first day back at school, what better idea than to promise them a game of after-school bowling?

AMF Bowling offers a whole host of special offers to coincide with the kids going back to school, so you can afford to treat your little ones to a game or two, a play in the arcade, and maybe even some food and drink afterward.

What child could resist?

Book AMF Bowling Tickets Now

Daily Planner – Amazon

Keep your child motivated and on the right track with this Black Daily Panda Planner, available at Amazon. Enabling your child to plan for the school year ahead, note down their goals and focuses for the weeks and months ahead and express anything they feel gratitude about, this school supply can help your child to succeed at school and get them excited about the year to come.  

Already a great price, save even more on this great planner by using one of our Amazon coupon codes. Plus, don’t forget to look out for free shipping promos so you can enjoy complimentary delivery directly to your doorstep.

Buy It Now: Black Daily Panda Planner, $19.97

Back to School Clothes – H&M

Get all your back-to-school basic uniform items, including tops, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and more for less when you shop at H&M. Known for their high-quality, low-cost clothing, why not let your kids pick out their own clothes so they will be so excited about showing off to their friends that they forget about any first day nerves.

Want to buy in bulk? Check out their basics and multipack ranges that allow you to save even more money on clothes for the new school year. With everything from t-shirts to shorts, vests to pants, you can get them an entirely new wardrobe without breaking the bank!

Buy It Now: Basics & Multipack Sets for Kids, from $4.99