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7 Fall Beauty Trends To Try Now

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There are so many new things associated with fall: New back to school supplies. New TV lineups. New colors on the trees. And new makeup trends. When you’re past the age of getting a fresh Trapper Keeper and over apple picking, the latter is especially exciting. With each season comes new makeup shades and looks to try. These are a few of our favorite fall beauty trends.

Sparkle and shimmer. Sorry highlighter haters—mega wattage skin isn’t going anywhere. Whether you prefer cream or powder highlighter, the rules of application are the same: Place it on areas that naturally attract the light, like the top of your cheekbones, over your cupid’s bow, and around the eyes—the inner corner of your eyes can really open up your peepers and make them pop. Just remember that a little goes a long way, so start with a tiny dab and work your way up to more shimmer as needed.

Metallic makeup. Silver and gold are a classic for a reason, so why not play with them in your makeup too? The eyes are an easy place to start. A metallic eyeshadow palette gives you endless options. You can use the lightest shade all over your lids for a subtle effect or create a smoky eye using all of the shades in the palette. Or, for a trendy twofer, apply gold highlighter to your cheeks for a party-ready vibe.

Major lashes. Big, beautiful eyelashes are the go-to way to draw attention to your eyes. For the most dramatic effect, opt for false eyelashes. To give falsies staying power, whether you’re using a strip or individuals, always follow the directions. For the most natural look, curl your real eyelashes first to match the texture of the fake lashes, and keep your mascara light to let the falsies do the heavy lifting. Keep the lash glue as close to your natural lash line as possible and use a spoolie to comb the your falsies and real lashes together while the glue is drying. If falsies are too high maintenance for you, look for a dramatic volumizing mascara instead, with a formula that lifts and separates. For maximum impact, use an eyelash curler first.

Autumnal nails. Fall beauty trends will be at your fingertips—pun intended—when you sport the hottest hues of the season. Deep blood red, smoky teal, olives, and bright reds are the must-have nail polish shades this season. And if you’re into playing with nail art, two-tone nails are still making waves.

Graphic eye looks. Basic eyeliner just seems so, well, basic this season. Bold, graphic looks went down the fashion runways. While a neon stencil isn’t for everyone, you can play with the look by experimenting with bright pencils or bolder lines—think using your basic liner to create a statement-making cat eye. We know you’re probably not a pro makeup artist, so a few tricks will make it easier. For starters, whether you’re using a gel or pencil liner, keep Q-tips dipped in an oil-free makeup remover handy so that you can use them as an eraser for easy fixes without smudging other makeup and to keep lines sharp. Not brave enough to experiment with graphic details or bold hues? A colored mascara will let you play with the look in a subtle way.

Dewy skin. Glowing skin is here to stay. The best way to get a radiant sheen is through skincare, not makeup. Taking care of your skin is key, so nail down a skincare regimen. Always—and we mean always—wash your face before bed. To maximize your skin’s regeneration while you sleep, apply an anti-aging serum, eye cream, and moisturizer before bedtime. In the morning, never skip sunscreen, rain or shine. And be sure to exfoliate regularly, since dead skin cells can make your skin appear dull. Spending time preparing your skin before makeup will guarantee your skin will look younger, healthier and brighter.

Berry lips. This one is always a staple for fall beauty trends, and the latest iteration leans toward plum. There’s a berry lip color out there for every skin tone, but to find the most flattering shade for you, consider your undertones. Be sure to avoid canceling out any blue or green tones in your complexion.