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Amazon driver scares off a bear during a delivery in viral TikTok

Being a delivery driver can be downright treacherous. Throughout the years, delivery drivers have been filmed working in hazardous conditions, like blizzards and even through deadly flash floods. A new video recently posted to TikTok documents a more unusual and dangerous situation one driver encountered.

The video taken from Ring doorbell footage shows an Amazon driver delivering a package to a house while a curious bear is hanging from the gate in the front yard.


This video shows the Amazon driver approaching the front gate of the customer’s home. Over the Ring doorbell camera, the customer tells the driver: “There’s a bear right there! Back away – go back to your car. That’s fine.”

It doesn’t matter how many warnings the homeowner gives, the Amazon driver keeps on going, waving his hands in the air above his head to ward off the bear. The bear is having none of it – it hops down from its perch and retreats from the brave driver’s challenge.

Seemingly unfazed, the driver makes his delivery without a hitch – laughing can be heard through the doorbell camera.

Many viewers joked about the driver’s resolve to finish the job in the video’s comments and drew attention to the alleged working conditions at Amazon. Many have accused the company of making employees work in hazardous conditions, in warehouses and in delivery operations.