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Converse Christmas Gifts

There’s nothing quite like a good pair of Converse Chuck Taylors –  classic, simple, versatile.  They work with many outfits, and the style speaks for itself.  But shopping for Christmas gifts can be overwhelming, and with so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect pair.  Here are some essential tips for avoiding any last-minute shopper’s stress this holiday season, and for finding a pair of Converses that your partner or kid will love.

Converse Gifts for Women

If you’re shopping for a female in your life, there are several things to keep in mind. First, one thing that women often appreciate is subtlety – women’s shoes are made not just for walking, but for looking good doing it. A lot of women will be satisfied with a simple, classic color of low-top shoe, or perhaps some white high -tops. Second, Converse shoes are often made to suit a feminine aesthetic  – they have cute little details, like studs and lace-up fronts. Finally, it can be a good idea to check Converse’s sizing guide, just in case – certain styles run slightly small or slightly large.

Here are our picks:

Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All Star – $65

Chuck Taylor All Star Slip – $55

Converse Gifts for Men

Men are usually a bit more difficult to shop for – they’re  used to buying their own clothes and shoes, and probably have a good idea of what they want. If you’re shopping for a male in your life, you may want to get a little insight into their daily style. If they wear dressier outfits, classic Chucks in black or brown might suit them better. If they wear casual attire more often, however, a simple pair in a darker color like brown or black might be in order.

Every man has a pair of Chucks they just can’t part with – if you’re shopping for them, chances are they already have that one pair that they’ll never give up. If this is the case, you may want to opt for a different style – Converse has a wide range of shoes to choose from.

Here are some good picks for men:

Chuck 70 High Tops – $85

Hybrid Function Chuck Taylor All Star CX – $75

Converse Gifts for Kids

Finding the right shoes for kids can be challenging – their feet are always growing, and they’re not always that discerning about style. However, it can be a great idea to get them Converse shoes, plain and simple. First of all, they’re classic – everyone has at least one pair of Chucks in their closet. Second, they’re practical – a lot of kids grow out of shoes quickly, and it’s nice to have a pair that’ll last them a while. Finally, they’re durable – kids are always running around and playing sports, so you want shoes to keep up.

Here are our kid-friendly picks:

Dino Daze Chuck Taylor All Star – $40

Neon Unicorn Chuck Taylor All Star – $40

Converse Gifts for Teens

Teens are often even harder to shop for than adults – they’re usually more concerned about their style than what’s practical. If you’re shopping for a teen, it may be helpful to take into account their own personal style and tastes. For instance, if they’re more into running around and playing sports, a pair of low-tops might suit them well. For a more fashion-conscious teen, high-tops could be a good choice.

Here are our picks for teens:

OG Pro Leather – $85

One Star Blocked – $85

How to save money on Christmas Gifts at Converse

Sign Up for Converse Emails

Converse provides free email sign up through its website, and you’ll receive a 15% discount code to use on your next purchase. Converse ramps up its promotion efforts over the Christmas holiday, so you can expect regular savings and offers.

Shop Converse’s Sale Page

Converse often has sale items that offer huge discounts off of the original price. Its sale page is updated regularly, and includes both classic and new products. Be sure to check back frequently to keep track of what’s on sale.

Use student or military discounts on Converse

Converse is one of the many brands that offers discounts to students and military personnel. If you’re a student or member of the armed forces, make sure to sign up to get your discount before checking out.

Learn more about the Student Discount at Converse

Learn more about the Military Discounts at Converse