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Crate & Barrel Senior Discount

Crate & Barrel offers thousands of products for the home. They have something for everyone and at every budget. If you are on a strict budget, stick to shopping the clearance section or special price guides. Crate & Barrel will regularly update these collections so that you can get the best deal at their stores.

To help you get even bigger discounts and make it easier to shop at Crate & Barrel for less, we have put together a savings guide for seniors. Increasing the savings can help you manage your budget and treat yourself and your loved ones to the great products from Crate & Barrel.

Does Crate & Barrel offer a specific discount for seniors?

No. You cannot get a specific discount for being a senior. If there are special promotions that apply to seniors, you will find all the information about them here or on the Crate & Barrel website. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of other forms of discount.

How can seniors save when shopping at Crate & Barrel?

The good news is that there are many ways for seniors to save when shopping at Crate & Barrel. Patience is your best friend when shopping for deals at Crate & Barrel. Checking regularly in the clearance section, waiting for sales, and using all these tips to increase your savings is going to help you enjoy the biggest discounts.

Check here for coupons

Always check here for coupons and other special promo codes or offerings before paying. Do this when shopping online and in-store. You never know when an extra coupon or promotion can help you save on your purchase. It is free to do and fast to check. You cannot usually stack coupons or discounts when shopping at Crate & Barrel. If it is between two different coupons or promotions, remember to apply the option that gives you the biggest discount.

Wait for sales

There are holiday sales, seasonal sales, and special sales at Crate and Barrel. You can find holiday sales on Black Friday, Presidents Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. Seasonal sales occur at the end of every season. Special sales on product lines can occur at any time, depending on the brand.

To keep up to date with all the latest sale offerings, you will want to subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter will give you a special welcome discount. Check these emails regularly so that you never miss a flash sale or special promotion period at Crate & Barrel.

Shop the clearance section

There is a year-round clearance section at Crate & Barrel that you can shop. This section offers lower prices on products every day. The only downside is that these prices are only available while stock lasts.

There is a Free Shipping section at Crate & Barrel for the products that they can easily ship through the mail and not through the special delivery service. Shopping in this category can help you save on your gifts by avoiding the shipping fee.

Both collections go on sale periodically throughout the year. If you are after the biggest sales waiting for the sales on clearance is the best way to save. You can expect up to 60% off clearance items during these sales.

The best items to shop during these sales are seasonal décor and any last season’s styles. Appliances typically are not included the same way home décor would be. Instead, you will want to wait for the special brand sales that allow you to take big discounts off of top products and brands.

Shop special offers and rebates

You can get special deals and offers on your purchases at Crate & Barrel. For example, you may get a gift card or accessory when you buy a promotional item. Exploring the special offers and rebate section online is fast and can be a smart way to save and shop at Crate & Barrel. Check it out today if you want to make a great saving.

Consider applying for the Crate & Barrel Mastercard

If you often shop at Crate & Barrel, then you may want to consider applying for the Crate & Barrel Mastercard. This Mastercard offers all the benefits of any Mastercard plus benefits specific to Crate & Barrel.

You will be able to get 10% back in rewards whenever you shop at Crate & Barrel or affiliate store.
You will be able to get 2% back in rewards when you shop for groceries.
You will be able to get 1% back in rewards when you shop everywhere else.

You can use these rewards towards future purchases at Crate & Barrel. If this store is your go-to for home furnishings and gifts, it can be an excellent way to save.

Also, having a card with Crate & Barrel gives you the option to enjoy a 0% financing promotion. This promotion is for six months and is only available on purchases over $749. If you do not pay back the purchase in full at the end of the promotion, you will need to pay the full interest rate for the six months, plus however long it takes you to pay it off.

You can only choose the 10% back or six months financing per purchase. You cannot combine them. Choose one or the other based on the purchase and your needs at the time of purchase.