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How to Create a Morning Routine You’ll Stick To

Mornings are hard enough for most of us. Who really loves being awoken from a peaceful sleep to a jarring alarm, then having to drag themselves out of a warm bed to work? No one. Even if you love your job or wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to workout, you have to admit mornings are difficult.

But having a morning routine can help make your entire day better and more productive. Try these tips to start a morning routine!

Wake up earlier

This may prove to be the most difficult tip to follow, especially if you hit the snooze button multiple times. But start small by waking up 10 minutes earlier for a few days. Then 20 minutes and so on, until you’re waking up an hour earlier.

Drink water

You actually lose water while you sleep so hydrating first thing is important. Keep a glass of water or water bottle by your bed so you can drink it first thing. You can use these S’well coupons, offers and deals to find a new water bottle.

Avoid technology

This may be another tough trick for people to follow but avoid reaching for your phone in the mornings. No scrolling through Instagram or checking emails from bed. Try charging your phone away from your bedside across the room or in another room, and revert back to a digital alarm clock. Or even go old school with an analog clock. You can use these CB2 coupons, offers and deals to find an analog alarm.

Plan your day

A completed to-do list can make you feel superhuman. Making a to-do list gives your day structure, and allows you to prioritize and conquer more. Bonus tip: put something simple on the list. Checking that item off will give you a boost, which will motivate you to tackle more strenuous tasks. Be sure to use these Erin Condren coupons, offers and deals when pick up a new day planner.

Eat breakfast

Of course you can’t forget the most important meal of the day. A breakfast rich in protein will help keep you fuller longer and give you energy throughout the day. You can find protein bars or supplements with these Pure Protein coupons, offers and deals.

How do you prepare for the day? What do your morning routine look like? Let us know, and maybe you can use these tips next week!