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How to Get Free Shipping at Home Depot

There are many ways to get free or low shipping at Home Depot. However, knowing how to is the trick. This guide will take you through what you need to know regarding shipping your goods from Home Depot.  

How do I get free shipping at Home Depot? 

You get free shipping for over 1 million products if your order is over $45. For large appliances, you can get free shipping on orders over $396. There are, of course, exceptions depending on the volume of your purchase. If you are a contractor, your shipping options will be different from a consumer. 

How fast will my Home Depot order get delivered? 

Most will get their order with 2-day delivery with free delivery. You can choose faster shipping methods at checkout, but this can cost. Some shipping methods will not be eligible based on your basket. Large bulk orders will need a special delivery method, and you will need to go to the Pro Desk to get a quote. 

What are the shipping methods available at Home Depot? 

Home Depot sells to consumers, contractors, and other businesses. To accommodate the sheer range of products and bulk orders, they offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs and order requirements. 

  • Standard Ground 
  • Priority Ground
  • Expedited
  • Express
  • Cost Saver
  • Curbside Delivery 
  • Basic Porch or Driveway 
  • Threshold Delivery into Your Home
  • Room of Choice Delivery
  • Depot Direct Delivery 
  • Certified Professional Delivery 
  • Outdoor Equipment Delivery 
  • Bulk Delivery 

Bulk orders will need a custom quote. The great news is that you can sign up for the Pro Xtra Loyalty program for free and use their online shipment tracker and management tools to make it easy on you. 

How do I get free shipping on Subscriptions? 

If you buy an item on subscription, you get a 5% discount and free shipping on the product. This makes it easy to get the product you need whenever you need it. Save on the gas, price, and shipping with Home Depot’s subscriptions. 

Home Depot does not offer all products on subscription. Items that need regular replacing, like air filters, are available on subscription. 

Where can I get free delivery sent to? 

You can get free delivery to most addresses, including Alaska and Hawaii. Within the 48 contiguous states, Home Depot can send over 1 million items with free 2-day delivery. Home Depot has over 158,000 products available for free shipping in Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping to Alaska takes between 3 to 5 business days, and shipping to Hawaii takes between 5 to 10 business days. 

Where can’t I get Home Depot to deliver? 

Home Depot cannot deliver items to APO/FPO, P.O. Boxes, or U.S. Territories. 

Can I buy my products online and pick them up in-store? 

Yes. Shop the available stock at your local Home Depot to get free pick up. To shop local stock, you will need to choose your nearest Home Depot before shopping online. You can get free same-day pick-up on in-stock items. 

Can I get items shipped to the store for free? 

If the item isn’t in stock, you can decide to have the items shipped to your nearest store for free. This service is available for more than 1 million items and only at participating Home Depot stores. Note this may take longer than a day. Pick-up isn’t immediate. 

What other delivery methods does Home Depot offer? 

Home Depot offers the ability to rent a vehicle to get your purchases home. Also, rent a moving van through them if you move addresses for less. 

Rent the Home Depot Load n’ Go van 

If you have a much large order but don’t have a vehicle big enough to safely bring it home, you can rent the Load n’ Go van for just $19. You can add this at checkout in-store. Once you pay, you will have 75 minutes to load up your van (you can ask for help), get it to your home, unload it, and bring it back. 

If you need longer, rent the Load n’ Go van for $129 per day or $903 per week. Depending on your needs, assess which option is best for you. 

Stack discounts when renting a moving van through Home Depot 

Home Depot has a partnership with Penske. By reserving a Penske truck online, you automatically save 10%. You can stack one additional discount on top of this. 

  • If you are a college student, save an additional 10%
  • If you have the Home Depot military discount, save an additional 10%. 
  • If you are a AAA member, save an additional 12%.

You can only add one of these, so if you have the military discount and are a AAA member, you will want to choose the AAA membership savings to get 22% off your Penske moving van. Always assess the best money-saving option before applying anything. 

How can I track my shipment? 

How you track your shipment will depend on whether or not you are an Xtra Pro Loyalty Program member. If you are not a member, you can easily track your order by going to the “Track Your Order” page and entering your order number. 

If you are an Xtra Pro Loyalty member, use the app to keep track of your shipment and delivery. As a bonus, there are various excellent free tools on the app to make it easier to manage your product and prepare your books for your next tax return.