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How Does KAY Jewelers’ Rewards Program Work?

KAY Jewelers are devoted to providing beautiful jewelry for all. They are part of Signet Jewelers in Akron, Ohio, and are the leading jewelry store in America. With over 1000 stores and a great online store, you can shop quality jewelry whatever your price point. 

KAY Jewelers offer you a wide selection of products to suit every budget. Also, enjoy a virtual consultation, a robust online shopping experience, and a luxurious in-store experience at every location. With great products and great services, treating yourself or your loved one to stunning jewelry has never been more affordable. 

However, KAY jewelry fans should consider applying for a KAY Jeweler credit card to save even more. Its rewards program gives you access to big discounts and great benefits, including the ability to spread out the cost of your purchase comfortably. 

We’ve put together everything that you need to understand KAY Jewelers’ credit card and rewards program so that you can start to take advantage of its discounts and benefits. 

What are the financing benefits available through your KAY jewelers credit card?

KAY Jewelers offers its customers a KAY Jewelers credit card and rewards program to help you save and spread out purchases with ease. One of the biggest benefits is the special financing plans available on your Kay Jewelers purchases. 

These special financing plans make it easy to spread out the cost of your big-budget gifts. They are only available on single purchases made at KAY Jewelers. 

6 Month Special Financing 

Enjoy 0% financing on any single purchase of $300 or more with the special six-month financing. This means you can treat yourself or your loved one to a gift of $300 or more and set a payment plan over a six-month period without any interest. 

12 Months Special Financing 

Spread out your KAY Jewelers purchase over 12 months with the 12 months special financing plan. To qualify, you must make a single purchase at KAY Jewelers worth a minimum of $750. If you pay the full amount back within the 12 months, you pay 0% interest. 

18 Months Special Financing 

Pay 0% interest on single purchases at KAY Jewelers over 18 months. The minimum cost of your single purchase at KAY Jewelers is $3000. This option is ideal if you want a big budget gift like a wedding or engagement ring. 

36 Months Special Financing 

Enjoy low-interest financing on big-ticket items at KAY Jewelers with the 36-month financing plan. The minimum single item purchase must be $1500 or more. For the first 36 months, you pay only 16.99% APR. After these 36 months, if you haven’t paid off your purchase, it rises to 29.99% APR. 

What are the requirements for the 6, 12, and 18-month financing plans? 

To enjoy 0% interest on these financing plans, you must pay off the purchase in full before the end date. If you do not, you will have to pay all the interest from the purchase date. The 6, 12, and 18-month financing plans are special promotions, and you repay them in full, so average out repayment costs in advance to get the full benefit of these financing plans. 

What are the benefits of being a KAY Jewelers credit cardholder?

Great financing offers at KAY Jewelers are not the only benefits available to KAY credit cardholders. 

  • Big birthday month discount 

KAY Jeweler credit cardholders will receive $100 off to spend at KAY Jewelers to celebrate their birthday. To earn this benefit, you must have made a purchase with your KAY Jeweler credit card within the previous 12 months. Also, you must have used your card at least once in the month before your birthday. 

This means you cannot use your KAY Jeweler card the day before your birthday to get the discount. Using it regularly means receiving your $100 birthday discount without an issue. 

There is a minimum purchase required to redeem your $100 off. However, with your birthday to celebrate, you have every reason to treat yourself to something beautiful. 

  • Big anniversary month discount 

You receive another $100 discount to use the month of your anniversary with KAY Jeweler. Use this discount at any time during the month, though the same rules as your Birthday Discount will apply. This means you need to have purchased within the last 12 months and at least one month before your anniversary date. 

  • Easy entry in periodic sweepstakes 

As a KAY Jewelers credit cardholder, it will be easy to enter into sweepstake competitions hosted by Sterling Jewelers Inc. Stay up to date with all sweepstake competitions by checking your email regularly to stay up to date when the next chance to win big happens. 

Are there any additional KAY Rewards programs to watch out for?

There are several KAY benefits that all customers enjoy when shopping with KAY Jewelers. 

Free Shipping Over $50 

Every customer benefits from free shipping for orders over $50 before tax. 

Short-Term Rewards and Discount Offers 

KAY Jewelers does occasionally offer additional rewards programs for short-term promotions. For example, from May 2019 to July 2019, you could receive $100 in rewards for every $300 you spent in select stores and online. Keep an eye out for future special reward sale periods like this. To ensure that you don’t miss the next big rewards program sign up for the KAY Jeweler newsletter. 

KAY Jewelers regularly offers discounts and deals, from discount rewards to free promo codes that help you save on products and services. Check regularly to stay up to date with current promotions and rewards.