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Money-Saving Monday: Can Gratitude Make You Rich?

Welcome to The Goodshopper’s Money-Saving Monday roundup! We’ve curated the best of the web to bring you can’t-miss reads.

We found articles on the connection between giving thanks and saving mony, how to talk about money as a newlywed, and where to find the best travel deals right now.

Top 5 Money-Saving Articles

Can Saying Thanks More Make You Rich? — Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and reap the rewards. [Wise Bread]

5 Money Principles Every Newlywed Should Know — Communicate, dream, and, yes, shop together. [Living Well Spending Less]

7 Fun Ways to Bond with Coworkers without Bustin’ the Bank — You can make friends at work without going out to lunch every day. [And Then We Saved]

26 Affordable Alternatives to Pricey Vacation Hot Spots — Think outside the big tourist attractions and save big! [Budget Travel]

Here’s the $20 Victoria’s Secret Bra That Taylor Swift Loves — It’s strappy, stylish, and ATM-friendly. What more could you want? [Brit + Co]


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