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Outdoor Essentials to Get Off the Grid

Everyone needs a break from their everyday lives. We all need time to get off the grid and take a break from our crazy, jam-packed schedules. Whether you go up to the mountains for a full weekend of camping or go stargazing in your backyard, there are some essential items to have.

These items are great for anyone who simply wants to spend some time in nature or to recharge. From backyard décor to roughing it in the backcountry, these picks are sure to come in handy. And as always, you’ll score some great savings with these Goodshop deals.

Warm Blanket

You’ll need a blanket or two to stay warm if you’re planning to go camping. Whether in your backyard or heading up to the mountains, Pendleton makes cozy and comfortable blankets- not to mention stylish as well. You can fold them up to fit in your getaway bag so you can get away. Be sure to use these Pendleton coupons, offers and deals to save some money.

Instant Coffee

Caffeine is a must for most people. It’s difficult though to justify taking your coffee maker when your essentials are strapped to your back. Have no fear! Camping is why instant coffee was invented. One of the top rated coffees out there is Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee from Enjoy Better Coffee. You can use these Enjoy Better Coffee coupons, offers and deals for an extra discount.

Weekender Bag

Your work bag is too small to fit everything you need for a weekend away and your wheeled suitcase is too big to schelp around. A weekender bag (or duffel bag) is the Goldilocks answer; not too big, not too small, just right. Everlane and Herschel both make minimalist options for both men and women, in canvas or leather. You can use these Everlane offers, or you can find Herschel products at Nordstrom and use these Nordstrom coupons to score a great deal.

 Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is important no matter where you go. Be sure to bring a water bottle if you’re going on a short hike or a hydration pack for longer trips. A hydration pack you can strap on to your back, like the ones from Camelbak, let you have water handy and hands-free. Check out these Camelbak coupons, offers and deals to use on your next buy.

Portable GPS

You may be trying to get off the grid but that doesn’t mean you want to stay off the grid. Bring a small, portable GPS device. Or better yet, you can go old school and bring a map. You know, the paper one you have to fold.

These are just a few necessary items we think every weekend warrior should have. How do you like to get off the grid and recharge? What do you bring with you? Let us know!