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Plan a Fun and Budget-Friendly Halloween Party

October may have just started but it’s never too early to start planning for Halloween! The celebrations can range from trick-or-treating or haunted houses to scary movie nights or monster parties. It’s no wonder the spooky holiday is one of my favorites.

Whatever your festivities may include, you want to make sure you have everything for a great party. Music and decorations are fun additions to any party while costumes and candy are a must-have. Whether you’re watching movies or throwing a big bash, we’ve got plenty of tips for your best Halloween party.


Halloween is about everything spooky. You can choose whether the decorations should be downright terrifying or more on the silly scary side. Halloween party Express has a huge selection of decorations and you can save money with these coupons and deals. Or for decorations that will last before and after Halloween, use these Oriental Trading Company coupons, offers and deals.

…or Treats

What would Halloween party be without candy? Sugar is synonymous with the holiday by now. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty to go around for both trick-or-treaters and your party guests. Stock up now to save money later by using these Kmart coupons and deals. You can also use these Dylan’s Candy Bar offers to save money for your sweet offerings.

Monster Mash

Every party needs a good playlist. You can either use one larger sound system or set up portable speakers to travel with the party. The type of music you play depends on the type of party you’re having. Ask guests for suggestions but you can’t go wrong with top hits or Halloween classics. You can use these JBL coupons, offers and deals for your next speaker purchase.

Movie Magic

Another party idea is a movie marathon. There are so many good Halloween movies to get you in the holiday mood, from children’s movies to classic horror. Get a group together and pick a few to watch, either all with a theme or everyone’s favorites. My top picks are the Harry Potter series, Hocus PocusDonnie Darko and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Be sure to use these Best Buy coupons, offers and deals to pick up the best Halloween movies.

Creative Costumes

Halloween is not truly complete without a costume. Maybe you’re going as a trendy, pop culture icon or an obscure historical figure. Or perhaps you and some friends have come up with a great group costume. Whatever you may be dressing up as, Costume Discounters has tons of choices. Be sure to use these coupons and deals to make sure there aren’t just cobwebs left in your wallet.

Do you have plans for Halloween? What are you going to dress up as? Let us know!