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When to Save and When to Spend: Kitchen Tools

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” But how often do we apply this to our everyday purchases, and when should we? There is a time for everything, including when to save money and when to spend it. We’ll help break down what items to spend money on and which ones to purchase for cheap.

Whether you’re a chef in the kitchen every night or are skilled at making boxed mac and cheese, the right kitchen tools are essential. But knowing which tools are worth spending and saving money on is crucial. We have the kitchen tools and savings that will make a difference in your cooking and your wallet.

Save: Sheet Pans

Good for roasting vegetables or baking cookies, sheet pans are versatile Kitchen tools. You don’t need anything to fancy or extravagant, but be sure to get a few. You can use these Amazon coupons, offers and deals to save money on a set.

Spend: Nonstick Pots & Pans

Without a quality set of cookware, food can lose its taste and flavor. A quality set of nonstick pots and pans will last longer so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money. You can save money on this durable set with these Cuisinart coupons and offers.

Save: Citrus Squeezer

A citrus squeezer is great for making tangy marinades, and even a delicious cocktail. Using little effort, you’ll get all the juice out of your fruits and save you from the mess that typically occurs. You can pick up one for less with these Sur la Table coupons, offers and deals.

Spend: Slow Cooker

While this isn’t a total necessity in the kitchen, slow cookers help you stay sane on busy weeknights. Just throw in some meat and veggies, and come home to a warm soup or stew at the end of the day. Slow cooking also means you can use cheaper cuts of meat, saving even more money. Crock-Pot is the go-to for slow cookers, and these Crock-Pot coupons and deals can help keep money in your wallet.

Save: Knife Sharpener

Knife sharpeners are crucial to have around the kitchen. Dull knives cause more injuries than sharp ones. They’re inexpensive but will double the lifespan of your knives. Which brings us to…

Spend: Knives

A good kitchen knife isn’t usually cheap but the price is worth it. You can either pick up a few that you know you’ll need or a full set, depending on what you typically make in the kitchen. Make sure to maintain the sharpness and clean them properly so they don’t get dull. Also be sure to use these Williams Sonoma coupons, offers and deals to save money on whichever kitchen knives you purchase.

While these are only a few recommendations, there are a lot more Kitchen tools that are important to have in the kitchen. Which kitchen items do you like to have handy? Which Kitchen tools are you’re favorite?