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When to Save and When to Spend: Travel

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” But how often do we apply this to our everyday purchases, and when should we? There is a time for everything, including when to save money and when to spend it. We’ve covered which clotheshome decor and even kitchen items you should and shouldn’t spend money on.

With holiday travels and winter breaks coming up, many of you are planning travel in the near future. Even if you’re not looking to go anywhere until warmer weather arrives, there are still ways to save money. We talk about the ways you can save money and what you should spend money on while traveling.

Save: Before Your Trip

This seems like a no brainer but look for anyway you can cut costs to save up money before a trip. Stop by Starbucks for a latte everyday? Try brewing your own at home. Use these Mr. Coffee coupons, offers and deals to save money on a quick cup. Eating out? Save money by cooking at home and bringing lunch to work instead.

Spend: Airfare

While it may be tempting to book the cheapest flight you can find, leave some room in your budget for airfare. Whether it’s the flight that gets you to your destination at a certain time or has the least amount of layovers, be ready to spend a little more money for this.

If you’ve got a super-long flight, some extra legroom in the form of an upgrade can make a big difference, too, in terms of comfort. Check out these Travelocity coupons and offers to find the best deals on your flights.

Save: Souvenirs

We all want to return from our trips with some fabulous souvenir to remind us of the incredible time. But since many of us experience “travel brain” and buy everything that catches our eyes when we’re on vacation, resist the urge to spend a fortune on souvenirs that won’t serve any purpose aside from memory triggering. Instead use these Shutterfly coupons, offers and deals to save money on a photo book of all the great photos you took.

Spend: Specialized Tours

Unless you’re a seasoned, adventurous, research-loving traveler, spring for specialized, thematic tours. You may not have the full experience on your own. However if you’re just going to see the sights and aren’t looking for an in-depth experience, don’t bother with a group tour.

Save: Public Transportation

Yes, Lyft and Uber are pretty popular here in the U.S. (and some other places abroad.) But why not check out the public transportation options? In New York City you can get from all three local airports to wherever you’re going in the city by bus or train. Most cities, especially ones outside of the U.S. typically, have some sort of underground metro system. Even smaller cities also have ways of getting you to the airport.

Splurge: Location

Location is everything so be willing to spend money on a hotel or hostel that’s central to whichever city you’re visiting. You may think you don’t want to be in tourist central but you’ll spend less time traveling from your hotel to sites and the downtown areas or other places you visit. You may spend money but you’ll save time, which is infinitely more precious on vacation. Be sure to use these InterContinental Hotels coupons and deals to save money.

How do you save money for traveling or what do you choose to spend money on? Any trips or travel plans coming up? Let us know!