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Upcoming Staples Sales

Staples is one of the better-suited stores for both school and office supplies. Everyone ends up shopping at Staples at one point or another. Not only can you enjoy big discounts during their bigger sales of the year you can get rewards back and help support local teachers and schools too.

Staples offers everything you need for school or for work. It supplies stationery, writing and coloring, printing and marketing, office furniture, and the current tech tools to help you thrive at school or work. 

It is one of the better places to go for its regular weekly deals and special seasonal sales. To help you save, we’ve put together this guide so you will know the upcoming sales and how you can get more with Staples discounts, promotions, and rewards. 

Upcoming Sales at Staples 

Staples has big sales and weekly sales. This means you can save on essential school and office supplies throughout the year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to shop at Staples. You can get up to 30% back on Cyber Monday specials and get big discounts like $280 off personal laptops. Expect everything to be on sale, from office furniture to electronics. 

Back to School 

Back to School is the significant sale of the year at Staples. Now is the time to get massive discounts on school essentials. Find 50% off backpacks, penny sales on essentials like crayons and pencils, and more. Staples’ back-to-school season starts in July, so you can save regardless of whether you are shopping for preschool kids, teenagers, or college kids. 

Weekly Ad at Staples 

Staples has weekly sales and discounts throughout the year in exchange for big sales. Check your emails each Sunday to see the weekly deals available, or check here to find all the coupons and discounts in one easy place. To get good deals on products while they are still in stock, try shopping on Sundays when new sales start. 

Penny Deals at Staples 

You can always find special limited-time discounts on products in Staples. The top deals are by far their penny deals. These items are often found during Back-to-School sales. More often than not, these special deals let you save more than 50% off everyday essentials, but they only last while stock lasts and are only available for a short time. Stock up for the year, and you can save big and avoid extra trips to the store. 

Everyday sales and savings at Staples 

Staples doesn’t only offer great back-to-school and seasonal sales. You can save by shopping refurbished or by earning rewards. Here you can find all of our everyday saving tips to use at Staples. 

Check here for the latest coupons

Staples’ weekly ads and weekly deals include coupons and promotional discounts. Don’t miss a single deal by checking here for the latest roundup of available promotions. 

Sign up for email and text alerts for a discount 

You will get an exclusive $15 off $60 coupon by signing up for email and text alerts at Staples. As this is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest discounts and promotions, you will continue saving throughout the year by using this tip. 

Get 10% off and price match at Staples 

Staples will price match brick-and-mortar competitors (so Walmart, but not Amazon), and they will give you an additional discount to reward you. The discount is 10% of the price difference. If the difference between Staples and a Competitor’s prices is $1, you will get $0.10 off on top of the price match. 

Save big by going refurbished 

If you are looking for a big ticket item, look at Staples’ online refurbished center. Here you can shop tech items up to 45% off. All refurbished items come with a 1-year guarantee. Staples itself is an authorized refurbisher, so you know your items are ready to be put to work. 

Get 5% back on your purchases by signing up for Staples Rewards 

Everyone should immediately sign up for Staples Rewards. It is free to enroll, and once you have the rewards number, you can start getting rewards back. Different tiers of rewards unlock the more you spend at Staples. While you start with 2% back in rewards on your purchases, that can go up to 5% back in rewards on your purchases over time. Rewards include free shipping and money back when you recycle your ink cartridges. 

Give 5% back in rewards to local teachers and schools 

It is free and easy to earn money you can donate to your child’s teacher or school. You can easily donate even if you aren’t a parent. All you need is to download the Staples Connect app and enroll in the Classroom Rewards. You can earn 5% rewards back yourself and for local teachers at the same time. Both programs work side by side. Once you have enough rewards, you can donate to a local teacher or school of your choice.

If you are an educator yourself, sign up for rewards today. You can start receiving donations and earning 5% rewards yourself to buy supplies for your classroom or school. 

Classroom Rewards is increased during the back-to-school season. During September, instead of 5% back, you can get 20% rewards. This can make a massive difference for educators and for their students, as the savings