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How Does Urban Outfitters Rewards Work?

Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle and clothing brand that offers some of the best styles at affordable prices. Like other big brands such as Zara or H&M, Urban Outfitters has women’s clothing, men’s clothing, home décor and furniture, lifestyle products, and beauty products. 

There are 527 Urban Outfitters stores in the United States and a massive online store with everything in one simple destination. 

There are many ways to save when shopping at Urban Outfitters. One of the best ways is to join UO Rewards. UO Rewards is free to join and is one of the best ways to get points and rewards back every time you shop at Urban Outfitters online or in-store. 

How can I join UO rewards? 

It’s very easy to become a UO Rewards member. All you need to do is create an account and opt in to the rewards program. 

If you already have an account and are not a UO Rewards member, you will need to log in. After you have logged in, go to the UO Rewards page and click “Join.” 

Why should I join UO rewards? 

There are so many benefits to joining UO rewards. The first is that it is free to join. If you have already made an account to speed up the checkout process, then join UO rewards and start enjoying a few big benefits. 

  • 10% welcome discount when you join UO Rewards. 
  • Early access to sales.
  • Members-only giveaways.
  • Anniversary discount code. 
  • The chance to win prizes if you use #UORewards on social media. 
  • Earn $5 Rewards every time you reach 100 points. 

How do I earn points? 

There are many ways to earn points. When you first join, earn a lot of points by subscribing. 

  • Earn 75 points when you join UO Rewards.
  • Earn 50 points when you download the UO App. 
  • Earn 50 points when you subscribe to the UO email list. 
  • Earn 30 points when you enable push notifications. 

If you do all these actions, you will earn 205 points. This equates to $10 in Rewards for you to spend online or in-store. 

You will be able to continue to earn points every day whenever you do one of these 8 actions. 

  • Earn 25 points every time you make a purchase at Urban Outfitters. 
  • Earn 5 points for every review you write (maximum of 10 reviews per month).
  • Earn an additional 5 points for every review if you add a photo. 
  • Earn 2 points for the first entry you make to each giveaway. 
  • Earn 1 point when you visit the UO site or UO App (up to 10 points per month). 
  • Earn 10 points when you shop Urban Renewal. 
  • Earn 10 points when you shop jeans. 
  • Earn 50 points when you bring your own bag when shopping in-store. 

Does UO Rewards have tiers? 

Yes. There are three tiers. The tiers are Member, Silver, and Gold. 

What rewards do UO Members get? 

  • $5 reward every time you reach 100 points. 
  • Early access to sales and new products. 
  • Access to Member tier giveaways. 
  • An anniversary discount. 
  • Bonus point days where you earn your tier and $5 rewards faster. 

What rewards do UO Silver Members get? 

Silver members get all the benefits of UO Members as well as: 

  • Take $20 off $100 for reaching the silver tier.
  • Entry to monthly $100 gift card draws. 
  • Earn 20% more points than Member tier. 
  • Standard shipping offers sent to you. 

What rewards do UO Gold Members earn? 

Gold members get the best benefits. 

  • All the rewards Members get. 
  • All the rewards Silver Members get. 
  • Get a $50 off $150 reward for reaching the gold tier. 
  • Surprise rewards sent to you. 
  • Earn more than 40% points than member tier (20% more than Silver tier). 
  • Express shipping offers. 

Are there other ways that I can earn points? 

Yes. There are special promotions for points just as there are sales. Get an additional 100 on bedding. These promotions are short-term. Keep an eye out for all the available special bonus point promotions by checking through the app or the newsletter. 

Can I earn points on previous purchases? 

No. Only earn points on purchases made from the day you join and onwards. 

How do I move up a tier? 

Track your UO rewards progress online or in the app. See your progress as well as how many points and rewards you have earned. Earn points for a variety of actions. Always make sure that you are signed in when visiting Urban Outfitters online or on the app. Always make sure to give your UO Rewards ID or email when buying in-store. 

Does membership reset? 

Yes. Memberships reset annually. When reset, you go back to Member status. UO Rewards reset on January 1st each year. 

How do I earn points in-store? 

When you sign up, you will be given a unique UO Rewards ID associated with your account. Use this code in-store. The sales associate will need to scan it to get the points. If you don’t have your ID, give the cashier the email address that you use for your UO Rewards account. 

How do I spend my rewards? 

You will get a code for every $5 reward you earn. Then use this code in-store or online to get a discount on your order. You must use the full $5 increment or lose it. To get the biggest value, use your rewards on larger orders.