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Zales Military Discount Guide

You can find some of the best deals on jewelry and diamonds at Zales and Zales Outlet. With many ongoing sale collections that help you save on last season’s pieces, there are many wonderful holiday, seasonal, and flash sales throughout the year. Add promo codes and coupon codes to your basket before checking out to increase the savings even further. 

There are many excellent ways that military personnel, veterans, and their families can save when shopping at Zales and Zales Outlet. This guide will help you take advantage of all the great savings opportunities and get the best price on fine jewelry at Zales. 

Does Zales offer a specific Military discount? 

No. Zales has had a 10% discount for military personnel, veterans, and their families in the past but no longer runs the promotion. Though there is no military discount, Zales is likely to start up another military promotion that will give servicepeople the ability to take a small percentage off their total order both online and in-store. To stay up-to-date on when and if another military discount at Zales is happening, check here or sign up for their newsletter. 

Does Zales have a military-specific product line? 

Yes. Zales has a military and service section underneath its personalized jewelry collection. Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard members and their families will find a series of military-themed jewelry. You will find various items, from engravable military rings to personalized pendants. You can find a variety of styles to suit men and women service people and their families. You can personalize all items to reflect your name and corps. 

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families save more when shopping at Zales or Zales Outlet? 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways that active military personnel, veterans, and their families can save on fine jewelry by shopping at Zales. 

  1. Shop at Zales Outlet first 

One of the best ways to shop for bigger discounts and sales every time you shop at Zales is to first look at Zales Outlet. An outlet website and several Zales Outlet stores will allow you to shop surplus stock, last season’s styles, pre-loved and clearance styles all in one place. Also, Zales Outlet has sales, enabling you to enjoy even bigger discounts. 

  1. Shop the clearance sections for everyday savings 

The Clearance Collection has a rotating collection of clearance items that you can view every day of the year. Occasionally some sales allow you to take an additional discount on clearance items. Check the fine print of the coupon codes. 

  1. Shop the pre-loved section 

Pre-loved jewelry is a great way to save on engagement rings, Rolexes, and more. Zales always cleans all items in the pre-loved section and carries out repairs if necessary. Once done, they can sell these pre-loved items to new customers. 

  1. Wait for the best Zales sales

Zales holds big sales throughout the year. They typically have one big sale per month, with the biggest sales being their Flash Sales and their Big Summer Sale. Flash Sales offer the best deals every time, but they only last a few days at a time. To stay up to date with sales, check here for all the latest sale offerings or subscribe to the Zales newsletter. 

  1. Check for any promo codes before you checkout

Add coupons or promotional codes before checkout easily to increase your savings. You should get coupons and promo codes sent from Zales directly to your email account, but not everyone checks their promotional emails. To ensure you never miss out on a promo code, come here first before you checkout. 

  1. Pickup your jewelry to avoid shipping fees

Zales has a lot of shipping options and a variety of deals for standard, express, expedited, and same-day shipping. To get your online purchase for free, choose the pickup option. You don’t need to pay for shipping on items sent from Zales’ distribution centers to their stores. Choose the store most local to you for free pickup. 

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families spread out the cost of their Zales purchase? 

There are three ways to spread out the cost of your Zales purchase. These options allow you to pay off your total in installments. Many options include zero-interest fees so long as you pay off your Zales piece within the allocated promotional period. 

  • Special financing options available to Zales credit cardholders 

Zales Diamond Cardholders can choose from three 0-interest financing options and one low-interest financing option. The 6, 12, and 18-month financing options are available only for qualifying single purchases. You must pay back the item within the promotional period or will need to pay the full interest starting from the purchase date. The 36-month financing option benefits you with a lower interest rate for the first 36 months and then the regular 29.99% APR afterward. 

  • Affirm financing and repayments

Zales has recently partnered with Affirm to offer great financing options. Shop online at Zales or download the Affirm app to apply through Affirm. If shopping in-store at Zales, you will need to use the one-time digital card in your Affirm app to make the purchase. Pay off your purchase on a set repayment schedule. 

  • Lease-to-own at Zales 

Zales has a leasing program that allows you to apply quickly. If approved, pay an initial $79 fee and commit to a set repayment schedule. Once you have paid the last repayment, the item is yours to own.