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Amazon Big Style Sale Coupons, Deals and Promo Codes

New deals are being added every day - October 19, 2020

Amazon Big Style Sale at a Glance

Shoppers, start your engines, and get ready to save! Word on the street is that Amazon is planning a major fashion sale on June 22, 2020. Usually, Amazon hosts its annual Prime Day sale in Mid-July, but the online retailer is reportedly planning on bumping that sale back to September and hosting a new “fashion summer sale event” in its place.

The goal of the savings event, reportedly titled “The Biggest Sale in the Sky,” is to boost sales after disruptions to normal shopping patterns caused by COVID-19. The push for delivery of essential items, as well as the impact world-wide closures had on shoppers’ budgets, caused demand for products to shift dramatically, and shipping services were affected accordingly. Amazon warehouses and delivery service is just now getting back to normal.

So, what will be on sale, and by how much? At this point, it’s unclear. According to CNBC, Amazon reached out to certain retailers in early June to notify them of this “invitation only” opportunity to offer “seasonally-relevant deals from both established and smaller fashion brands.” Landing pages for the event have yet to be seen, but discounts should start at 30% off.