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Who says print is dead? You’ve got enough magazine subscriptions to personally keep the publishing industry afloat. Afterall, there are few things more practical. How many other products can you enjoy reading for a week, stack together for a footstool, use as craft material for your mood boards and mixed media collages, and then use to pack up glassware for your next move? That’s…4 birds with one stone! We say that’s $6.99 well spent. And with Goodshop Magazine discount codes and coupons, you’ll get even more bang for your buck.

At Goodshop, you’ll find discounts on online magazine retailers like Magazine Store,, and, or direct from the magazines themselves, like the New Yorker. Choose from a range of magazine categories like national news, literature, sports, fashion, women’s and men’s, outdoor, even special interests like cats and knitting. (Did you know there’s a magazine dedicated solely to potatoes? There is.) Options are available for single issues or a regular subscription.

So what are these discounts like exactly? Previous Goodshop coupons have meant discounted yearly subscriptions to magazines like Bon Appetit, Outside Magazine, Popular Science Magazine, or a Good Housekeeping and Real Simple double subscriptions. Goodshop shoppers have saved up to 80% off health and fitness titles and 90% off best selling titles. Digital Auto and Outdoor subscriptions for as little as $15, summer specials nearly half off yearly subscriptions with free months for Tread For Trucks magazines, and up to 57% off cover prices all make the list. Plus, Goodshop coupons have also scored shoppers free gifts like tote bags, back issues, and gift guides. So go ahead, get 10 new subscriptions, and 10 more for your friends. Those mood boards aren’t going to make themselves!