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The world's first-ever shopfunding site. Tell us who you want to support, or create a new cause or campaign of your own. Then, when you shop at thousands of stores, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to them! (learn more)
We've donated over $13 million so far
As a Member, You'll Be Able To:
Save like a VIP
Get exclusive deals and weekly coupons, tailored to your preferences
Create a cause
Raise money for anything, whether you're a large organization or a lemonade stand
Support any cause you want
We donate for free when you shop
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How It Works
Choose, Add, or Create a Cause
Pick a cause to support, or add a new one. We have over
to choose from.
Make sure you're signed in, so we can give back to the right place. Then shop through Goodshop. We'll donate an average of 3% to your chosen cause. We've
donated over $13 million
so far.
We Are
We are dreamers and doers, givers and innovators. We are individuals with hearts and brains, who care strongly about people, animals, and the earth. We want ease and joy, connection and resonance. We want you to be happy. Join us and help change the world.