$2000 Annual

Goodshop Scholarship

Here at Goodshop, we give shoppers instant access to the very best coupons for all their favorite online stores. Simultaneously, we donate a percentage of cashback earned to various charities at no extra cost to our users. This year (and every year) we want to take it one step further by giving money directly to promising students.

In keeping with our mission, we’re offering a $2000 scholarship towards one talented student every single year.

$2000 Annual

Goodshop Scholarship Winner 2019
Harry Williams
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Total Applications: 2143

Recent Winners

Winner of the $1000 Annual Goodshop Art Grant

Marissa Comstock
We love Marissa's unique style, as well as her overall composition and color skill
Total Applications Received:1273

Winner of the $500 Annual Goodshop Art Grant

Kyla Tinio
We thought Kyla's craftsmanship was superb, and loved the color & composition of her work.
Total Applications Received:1273
If you'd like to spread the word to students about this opportunity, please do so from your financial aid or student resource pages. Make sure to link to this page so students can enter. You can also contact us at [email protected]

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