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4 Fun Spring Makeup Looks to Try Now

Spring has almost sprung. The temperatures may still be chilly wherever you are but that doesn’t mean you can’t start trying out some spring makeup looks.

From bold eye makeup to glowing looks, these makeup trends were all over the fashion show runways. Now you can try them out at home for a update to your daily look!

Golden Glow

Highlighter was a big makeup trend last year, and why not? An easy enough to apply look that creates the illusion of brightness and height. For spring though go bold and swap out your skin tone shade for straight up gold. A bold look sure, but one that will fit right in with rainbow highlighter and holographic finishes.

Twiggy Lashes

60s fashion model Twiggy is always a fashion and makeup inspiration, from her mod miniskirts to her pixie haircut. But her clumpy eyelashes saw a resurgence on fashion show runways this year, paired with a “spidery” effect. If you’re bold enough to try out this trend, layer a few coats of your mascara and pair with fresh, natural skin.

Fresh Faced

Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. So why not apply the clean, brightness of spring to your face? Natural looking, barely there makeup is once again a trendy look this season. Opt for subtle blushes that match closest to your skin tone, highlighter on the highest parts of your face (cheekbones, nose, forehead) and maybe a light touch of shimmery gold eyeshadow. You’ll be positively radiant.

Inner Circle

A touch of carefully placed color on the inner corners of your eyes can pack a punch. If you want to go for something fun, try unexpected shades like pink, orange or even light blue. Or try champagne or white eyeshadow to highlight and brighten your eyes. You’ll look like you got a full night’s sleep, and no one will know about your Netflix binge last night.