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5 “Buy One, Give One” Companies to Shop At

Here at Goodshop, we’re all for the idea of shop for good. It’s why we’ve donated nearly $13 million to nonprofits and charities. But what if your purchases could do even more good?

You may have heard about one-for-one companies. Essentially for every item a company sells, another item is donated to a chosen project. It’s a great way to make an everyday purchase and give back. Fortunately there are several companies that follow this model, from shoes to books to glasses. We here at Goodshop love the idea of companies that have the same “shop for good” mentality as us, and have shared some of our favorites!


The original one-for-one company. TOMS started out donating a pair of shoes for every pair bought. Since their start back in 2006, they’ve expanded the products to include glasses, watches, clothing and more. They’ve even started a coffee roasting company, with purchases supporting water systems around the world.

You can use these TOMS coupons, offers and deals to save money on any of their products.

Everything Happy

Started by a 7-year-old who wanted to give back to other children, Everything Happy offers blankets, animal toys, pillows and apparel for kids. With the motto “One to Love, One to Give,” Everything Happy donates a product to orphanages, children’s hospitals and poverty-stricken communities. Be sure to use these Everything Happy coupons and deals on your next children’s purchase.

Warby Parker

Need a new pair of eyeglasses or shades? With Warby Parker’s free home try-ons, you can find a stylish pair that fits you just right, save money using these Warby Parker deals and offers and donate a pair to someone in need. The company donates a portion of profits to make eye care available in developing countries. That’s a lot of giving back for one company!

Better World Books

If you’re like me, you’re constantly buying books and have a “to-be-read” list a mile long. Fortunately, Better World Books has over eight million used and new titles. For every book purchased, the company donates one to their partners, Books for Africa or Feed the Children. I know I’ll be using these Better World Books coupons, offers and deals to save some serious cash for my next read.


FIGS is mostly known for their top-quality medical scrubs but they also have a great selection of casual wear. As part of their Threads for Threads program, FIGS will donate a pair of scrubs to a healthcare provider in a developing country for every pair purchased. If you’re stocking up on your own pair of scrubs or springing for one of their jackets, you can use these FIGS coupons, offers and deals to save money.

Now you know where to shop, save money and help someone in need!