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Staples Military Discount Guide

Many businesses support military personnel, their families, and veterans. Though Staples does not offer a personalized military discount, they occasionally have special coupons for Veterans Day. The good news is that you can save every day with a variety of programs and sales. How you save depends on whether you are buying for your everyday needs, have a small business, or are managing a medium or large business. 

We have compiled all the many ways to save when shopping at Staples so that you can enjoy big deals every time. 

Does Staples offer a Military Discount? 

No. Staples does not offer a specific military discount on a regular basis, but you may find a special Veteran’s Day discount available for military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families. To keep an eye out for a special military discount, stay up to date on deals and promotions by subscribing to the Staples Newsletter. 

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families save at Staples? 

Staples has many great ways to save. 

  • Weekly ad deals 
  • Special sales 
  • Coupons and promo codes
  • The rewards program 

How can veterans and their families save on their business purchases? 

The good news is that, though there is not an ongoing military discount, there are many ways that former military personnel and their families can save on essential business supplies. If you own or manage a company, shopping at Staples as either a Plus or Premium member can help give your company access to big discounts and benefits. Always join the Rewards program on top of these paid memberships to increase your discounts and benefits. 

  1. Join Rewards 

Every active military professional, veteran, and family member shopping at Staples should sign up for rewards. This is easy to do online by making an account. 

To support local teachers, schools, and students, you should download the Staples Connect app and enroll in the Classroom Rewards program. By joining, you start earning a special 5% back in rewards that you can donate to a teacher or school of your choice. You earn these rewards alongside your own rewards, so you can get rewards and give donations with Rewards. 

Rewards vary depending on how much you spend at Staples. 

Sign up now, and you get three months of access to Base+. The rewards program starts at Base, then goes into Base+, then into Premier, then into Elite. 

  • Get 2% back in Rewards with Base or Base+ 
  • Get 5% back in Rewards with Premier or Elite 
  • Get $2 back in Rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle (up to 10 for Base and Base+ and 20 for Elite and Premier) 
  • Get free shipping on orders over $30 with Base 
  • Get free shipping on all orders with Base+ 
  • Get free next day delivery on all orders with Premier and Elite
  • Get special Rewards coupons and discounts (all memberships) 

Elite and Premier get access to special sale events and benefit from an expedited returns and refunds process. Premier members get additional free samples and service from the priority customer service team. 

  1. Join Plus or Premium 

Plus and Premium are separate from Staples Rewards. These membership programs offer many great benefits and access to everyday discounts. They do come with an annual fee. 

Plus costs $49 per year, while Premium requires you to apply to get a custom quote based on your needs. Both are good options for veteran-owned businesses and can help you save on essential office supplies. 

You will want to also join the Rewards program. This is an easy way to earn money back on your purchases and how you can gain access to special member’s coupons and access to special sale events. 

How can active military members, veterans, and their families save on their everyday purchases? 

From home office supplies to school supplies to business supplies. Active military members, veterans, and their families will always have admin and office supply needs. Save by joining Rewards and then look into these additional tips and tricks to save on your everyday purchases. 

  1. Stay up-to-date with Weekly Ads 

Staples doesn’t have many big seasonal sales. Instead, it offers regular sales that you can keep up with through the Weekly Ad. Stay in the know of all the current discounts and offers at Staples by subscribing to the Weekly Ad. 

  1. Stack and combine coupons at Staples 

Staples allows you to use 1 transaction coupon per order, up to 10 product coupons per order, and as many Rewards discounts as you want. Transaction coupons take a percentage off your entire order, while a product coupon gives you a discount on one specific item. 

You can redeem rewards by requesting your Rewards to your email account or to your address. They will contain a code you can input and use in-store and online. 

  1. Get free shipping 

Free shipping is easy to get at Staples. Non-members and Base members need to spend at least $30 to get free standard shipping. Base+ members get free standard shipping. All other members, including Plus and Premium members, get free next-day shipping as standard. 

It is important to note that there may be a handling fee involved with your order. This is not because of Staples. FedEx and UPS have started to charge a handling fee for orders weighing over 50lbs. To help you avoid this charge, Staples may recommend you split your order into multiple shipments to ensure that your order remains below the weight restriction.