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Best Buys for Your Fall Transitional Wardrobe

Even though fall is officially upon, we’re not quite in full fall weather mode. Across the country many people are experiencing cooler temperatures in the morning but summer like afternoons. (Except for here in San Francisco, where we’re having an Indian summer.)

This can make dressing for the day difficult. Transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the next is a masterful feat. Fortunately there are ways to dress for multiple temperatures while staying stylish. And with these deals and offers, you don’t have to break the bank for an entire new wardrobe. These items will be your go-to pieces for the fall transitional weather period between summer and fall and can be worn into the fall months.


A favorite fall staple, sweaters can be a great fall transitional wardrobe item. The key is to make sure you find one that’s light enough to either layer over a t-shirt or tank top or underneath a jacket for chilly nights. You can also wear them over dresses once the temperature starts dropping. Both pullover and cardigans are good options for layering.

Gap is a go-to for sweaters and you can save some serious money with these Gap coupons, offers and deals.


Tights will be a life saver for extending the life of your mini skirts past their summer glory days. A pair of black opaque tights are a good wardrobe staple to invest in or wear navy, dark purple or even a printed pair to add something unique to your outfit.

You can use these coupons and deals from Modcloth to save money on any of their basic or patterned tights.


Typically seen as solely for fall and winter, scarves can actually be worn year round. The trick to making them work with every season and outfit is material and color. Lighter, floral scarves are great for spring and summer while heavier ones made of wool or cashmere are perfect to stay warm in winter. So a neutral colored cotton or merino wool makes for a great year round scarf.

Nordstrom has lots of great scarves to choose from, and be sure to use these Nordstrom coupons, offers and deals when shopping.

Unpredictable weather doesn’t have to mean unstylish outfits. With a few modifications, you can keep wearing your summer outfits into fall transitional without breaking the bank!