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How to Get Free Shipping at Staples

Staples is an industry leader for home, school, and office supplies. Being able to ship everything you need to your door or office can make a massive difference. Plus, being able to ship everything you need for free can be a game-changer. Get all your school supplies delivered before school and skip the crowds. Keep your office supplied with everything it needs without having to take time out of your day to drive to the store. 

We have all the information about shipping at Staples. Learn how to get free shipping, the exceptions, and how to get good deals at Staples right here. 

Can I get free shipping at Staples? 

Yes. There are many ways to get free shipping at Staples. 

  1. Non-members get free shipping on orders over $30. 
  2. Base members get free shipping on orders over $30 
  3. Base+, Premier, and Elite members get free shipping. 
  4. Premier and Elite members get free 1 – 2 Day shipping. 

If I don’t qualify for free shipping, how much is shipping at Staples? 

If you don’t qualify for free shipping (meaning you are a non-member or Base member and your order total is lower than $30) you will pay a standard shipping fee of $9.95. 

Are there exemptions to free shipping? 

Yes. If your order weighs more than 50lbs, you will get a handling fee charge of $9.95. This handling fee is not set by Staples. The handling fee is the carrier fee set by UPS and FedEx for orders over 50lbs. If possible, Staples will recommend alternative shipping. 

For example, instead of 1 shipment, they may send your shipment in multiple batches to keep your order below the weight restriction. You have a choice to opt into this alternative shipment plan or not. If you want your overweight order in one shipment, you will have to pay the handling fee. 

How can I get 1 – 2 Day Delivery? 

You need to make your order by 5pm local time to get 1 – 2 Day delivery. If you make your order after this time, your order will be processed 1 day later. 1 – 2 Day delivery is not available on items bought at staplespromo.com, on Document Printing service items, on holiday cards, for products purchased through Staples’ Direct Mail services, or for items available through Staples’ Auto Restock. 

1 – 2 Day delivery is free for Premier and Elite members. 

Get free shipping by becoming a Rewards Member 

One of the better ways to get free shipping is by joining Staples Rewards Program. This is easy to do and completely free. New members get Base+ for three months. To stay in Base+, you need to spend $250. Once you spend $250, you automatically stay in Base+ unless you get an upgrade to Premier for 12 months. Every time you advance to another tier, you get locked into that tier for the following 12 months. 

  • To advance to Base+ you need to spend $250 at Staples. 
  • To advance to Premier you need to spend $1000 at Staples. 
  • To advance to Elite you need to spend $5000 at Staples. 

What are the free shipping promotions as a Rewards Member? 

  • Base Rewards members get free standard shipping on orders over $30. 
  • Base+ Rewards members get free standard shipping on all orders. 
  • Premier and Elite Rewards members get free next day delivery on all orders. 

Are there other free shipping promotions? 

Yes. Staples may often have a free shipping promotion or coupon for orders under $30. Check here for any updates and news on a free shipping coupon or promotion. 

Is the shipping options different for furniture? 

No. Most furniture is available with 1 – 2 Day Delivery. You can expect your order between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. If your order does not arrive, get in touch with The Help Center at Staples. You can call, email, or message. 

Do I get free shipping on Auto Restock? 

Auto Restock at staples helps you save and stay in stock of many business essentials. You do not pay shipping on Auto Restock orders. Auto Restock only comes with free standard delivery. You cannot get 1 – 2 Day Delivery on Auto Restock. 

What can I do if there is an issue with my order? 

Issues with your order can include: 

  • Your order is missing items. 
  • Your order does not arrive. 
  • An item in your order is damaged or defective. 
  • You received the wrong item. 

If you are missing an item or your entire order, you will need to get in touch with the Staples Help Center. If you have received the wrong item or a damaged or defective item, then you will need to go to your account online and complete these steps to return the item. 

  1. Go to “My Orders” 
  2. Find the order and click “Return” 
  3. Verify the contact information is correct. 
  4. Enter the number of items you’re returning. If the item isn’t being returned, keep the value at “0”. 
  5. On the next page, select the reason you are returning your item. 
  6. Select whether you want a replacement or not by clicking “Yes” or “No”. 
  7. Submit your return. 

After the Staples Help Center process your return request, you will receive detailed instructions on how to return the item. Make sure that you follow the instructions and that your returned package has all the necessary information.